What tubes are in your Cary 805c?

Wondering what tube swaps made the biggest difference. I've got one that I think I'll be keeping, I like it better than the CJ I have. This is with all chinese tubes, and a Sylvania 6SL7GT.

I'm thinking about TJs, KRs or WEs (current prod) for the 300b, and the SuperTNT for the 845.
I no longer have the 805s but when I did I used NOS Tung Sol 6SL7, Western Electric 300B(current production) and NOS RCA output tubes(very expensive and hard to find) but the sound was excellent. I upgraded speakers and needed more power so I sold the Carys but they were one of the bests amps I have ever owned.
In my experience, swapping either the 845's or 300B's can significantly change the sound. The 6SL7's make less of a change.

I have experimented with Shuguang 845's, 845B's, and 845C's. Additionally, I have tried KR 300B XLS, 842VHD, and new production Western Electric 300B's. I have tried various brands of 6SL7's including RCA 5691, Philips 5691, Tung-Sol, Sylvania, GE, and standard RCA.

After all the experimentation, my favorite combination is:

Shuguang 845B
Western Electic 300B
General Electric 6SL7GE with the wire top getter

Hope that helps,
thanks guys, yes, that helps a lot. i actually pulled the trigger on a pair of the new KR balloon 300b that dick olsher proclaimed the best current 300b. we'll see how it goes. for an 845, i'm goin to try out the SuperTNT 845M, and i'm still looking for some good 6SL7s, but have a chrome dome Sylvania for now.