What tubes are in you Rogue RP-5?

Just picked up RP-5. Not a fan of stock JJs. 
Put in A pair of Brimar CV4003 and a pair of GE Military Stock, both from upscale. Love the Brimars (were my favorite in the RP-1) but unsure about GE tubes yet (weren’t a good match in RP-1 either). 
What tubes are you using in your RP-5 or RP-7?
What tube placement on the board is most critical?
Speak with Mark Obrien or Nick at Rogue. Describe for him what characteristics you want and he will make suggestions as to the most appropriate tubes. I did with regards to my RP-7, and he suggested I swap for Telefunkens   The sound improvement was marked and more to my taste (detail with a good soundstage and with the correct tonal/timbre for instruments). Mark and Nick provide outstanding customer support and are always helpful speaking from years of design and experience.
My friend Jim put a set of Mazda tubes in his RP-5 for a big improvement over stock tubes and also over current production tubes such as Gold Lion and Mullard (the Mullards were better than the Gold Lions in this case).

The rear pair of tubes have the bigger influence on the sound.

I am presently borrowing his previous preamp, a Rogue Perseus, while awaiting the return of my Calypso from Aesthetix. I have a pair of NOS RCA clear tops in the rear locations and a pair of the current production Mullards in the front. The Perseus is sounding very good. When I return it to Jim, he is going to try out the clear tops in the RP-5.
I put NOS Mullard , 12ax7 tubes in my RP5, purchased from Upscale.  They were matched and were Upscales “Platinum” tube.  They were cryoed as well. 
All…thanks! I do plan to give guys at Rogue Audio a call on Monday. 
@stereo5 you sure you are using 12AX7? RP-5 calls for 12AU7 and I don’t see NOS Mullard 12AU7 variant on upscale website. 

you are correct, it is 12AU7. I got mixed up as my McIntosh C2500 uses the 12AX7. I did buy the NOS Mullard which I did buy in 2016 from Upscale. However, they were CV4003 NOS Platinum edition from Upscale. They were produced in India so Upscale was selling them for $75.00 each at the time. Kevin said they were the same as the ones made in England but because they originated from India, he was giving a discount on them.   I looked at my original receipt to verify. 

I was surprised how quiet they were being NOS from the 60’s.
i had an RP7 and tried a whole drawers worth of different 12AU7s that i had on hand from my old cronus magnum and RH5 preamp.  
it simply did not sound any better and often worse than the stock JJ.  
this included brimar, amperex, mazda, philips, sylvania, multiple RCA, mullard, GE and other new production including tung sol, sovtek, genalex.  
RP7 is not the RP5 but i shared my experience nonetheless.  try a few and if no luck give up.  
@stereo5 ok got it…thanks! So basically the same as a pair of Brimar cv4003 I have in there now.

Thanks! Yes the GE don’t sound good in the rogue preamps. They never did it for me in the RP-1 and sound the same which is woolly and mooshy in the RP-5 now. Would fit a bright system well I guess. But I find the Brimars to be clear and transparent. Thinking to just get another pair from upscale. Wondering if mixing a pair if Brimars with a decent pair of different tubes would yield good results.

Well I’m happy to report that I like the RP-5 a lot so far!
I have placed the two Brimar tubes in second row and two stock JJs are in the first row. This was the first improvement. The second leap forward was when I moved the power cords around. Landed on a completely different power cord placement than what I used with the RP-1. 
I must say that the sound now is simply incredible! The RP-5 preamp with Stereo 100 amplifier is an excellent combination. 

In the 20 months that I owned one, I really loved it.  Only reason I changed it is because I went all Mac.