What Tube preamp for NADC370 ? please

Hi,I am interested in a tube Preamp for pairing with my NADC370,hoping for a sonic upgrade. My first choice is MusicalFidelity-X-PRE;yet this one is discontinued and I have no way of finding it to buy.Does anybody have any idea as to other brand of tube preamp(around 700$)that would sonically nice-matched with NADC370? I am using NoeTjoeb4000CDP;Analysis plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink IC.(Harmonic Tech). Your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks a lot.
If you want to warm up the sound and roll off the Highs then the X-pre will work for you.
The thing about the integrated that both the pre and amp sections a well matched in terms of quality. If you want to use the 370 as a interim power amp as part of a staggered upgrade than that is a good idea. think about something like the Rogue Audio 66 preamp, which is the lowest price high quality tube pre out there at $1199. Otherwise I think you are better of enjoying as it is an outstanding valuefor a high powered integrated. Think about using the cash to upgrade your cd player or speakers.
i would second the rogue 66 pre as an intro to tubes. i believe there is one posted today on audiogon for $700 used, well worth it imo. i have a 99 mag preamp, different animal, but i think you'll find what you are looking for in a used 66 pre. also check out quicksilver's linestages, i've seen a few of their tube preamps going for under $500. i can't say i've listened myself, but others i trust suggested i listen when i was in your shoes. maybe check out vac, though unless you find a good deal on a used unit, i think this wil be outside your budget. i think there is a vac tube pre, their basic pre, nothing fancy, listed in the realm of your budget now on audiogon.
I have been very satisfied with my Conrad Johnson PV10a preamp. I tried NAD, Adcom, Counterpoint and Audire preamps before the C-J. The C-J is not neutral but is very musical. I think it is best in smoothing out solid state amps. Used PV10a's go for $450-650 and are found with or without phono stage. Get one with the phono stage, get a budget turntable (MMF 5?) and you will be hooked on vinyl again.
If you can find an Audio Research pre in that price range you won't be dissapointed. I have had more amps and pre-amps that is allowed by law, and AR does if for me. I recently purchased some Oval Nines and now my system is for the most part, pretty much taken care of. In stead of obessing about this and that, I can actually sit down and enjoy the music! I haven't done that for quite some time!
I would agree with Couldbe Audio Research preamps are fantastic. I have the LS1 which has only one tube and also has the direct input which bypasses all switches including balance. A very smooth presentation.