What tube pre amp for live sound on rock and roll

Ok guy's I think I'm ready to purchase a tube preamp.
I listen to classic rock and heavy metal.All electrical guitars with drums.Don't forget that drum beat is sometimes a quick beat double bass.

I have read that SS preamps are better for quick dynamic music and bass.
Maby so, BUT they are also known for being sterile, analitical, and flat sounding.This is something I want to get away from.

Yes I know about the CJ PFR, but I think I want to take the leap to a tube pre for liveliness and an SS amp for power.I do on occasion "CRANK IT UP".

I am looking for a live sound with raw emotion.Not something that will recreate the fluttering of a lady bug's wings that was outside the studio when they were recording.

I think my Meridian 508.24 CDP doe's a prety good gob of info retrieval in that department.I connected it to my Yamaha DSP-A1 (I know I know) using Cardas Golden reference connects.

Keep in mind I am assembling a seperate two channel system for music and I am just using the DSP-A1 because that's all I in the pre/power department, for now.

Don't get me wrong, I like detail, I just don't wan't to give up emotion and enveloping sound.

I have heard that Audio Research and Conrad Johnson make the most musical and dynamic pre's.

I would realy like to purchase a Audio Research Reference 2 but cant afford one, even used.

I started looking for good reviews and realistic prices. I found positive things said about the LS2,LS22 and the LS5.
It seems that some of you believe that the LS5 is definately the way to go.

My question to you good folks is:

Do you think that the LS5 is the right choice for me and my

Remember low bass performance is also important.

Thank's in advance for your input.
I am in love with my ARC ls-7. I have upgraded rocket logo tubes from Upscale and run a Sonic Frontiers sfs 80 and power Mirage m5si speakers. The m5s have 2 6.5 inch drivers and the bass and midbass response is fantastic. Low deep and accurate. Midbass is musical and kick drums are tight and realistic. With the right tubes, any of the ARCs you mentioned will be great. The LS-7 is about 700 used... a bargain to say the least!!
Happy listening,
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I've owned plenty of preamps over the years, including several audio research "tubies". It's like anything else, you give em a try! Ifyou don't like it, move on. With the right tubes it would be as good as you'll ever need(from your description), if you chose something you mentioned in that line, yes!
Critically speaking, the AR pre's are a bit fat or warm in the upper/mid-bass from dead neutral. This is workable, and overall they will sound very very good for your dubties and likely equipment. I would own one again, as I know what they are capable of. For the money, not much is better in a pre amp used, for certain. Overall the AR pre's are stelar for the bucks, and I see no need for you to have to spend mondo bucks for a used Ref 2! A used LS5,7,22, etc will be fine with upgraded tubes.
Call one of the "tube-guru's" out there and tell em you got an AR preamp that has a bit of a bumped up bass sound, and they can better match a possibly "leaner tube" compliment!
Good luck
maybe the b.a.t preamps would be worth a listen. jadis are hard to beat i like the cj gear very much as well.
I gotta say I primarily listen to rock/classic rock and am loving my Rouge Magnum 99. The built in phono-stage is very open and rich and the unit handles everything I throw at it from Zepplin to Tool.
I like R&R (SOMETIMES LOUD) and tube pre-amps too, and use an SF Line 2SE w/ NOS Sovtek tubes. Others above have touched on it, but I think that tube type/brand is the single most important factor in getting the sound-- including PR&T-- you want from a tube pre-amp. I'm sure you know that it takes a compatible amp to really achieve the "boogie factor. Cheers. Craig
Why any pre-amp if you are digital ?
My pre-amp (LS15) has been out of my system since Oct.
It's going to be put back in sometime over the next few weeks for a listening session.
I'm doubtful it will improve the sound of my system.
Threshold T-100 amp
MSB Gold Link III fed by a Perpetual Technologies P.1A digital engine.
I'm using an Ah! CDP as the transport.
Volume control to the Spendor 1/2's is handled by a Canary Islands Audio VPC.1.
I forgot to mention that I dont want a pre that rolls off the high end.Electric guitars are my favorite instrument and they take quite a blow when this happens.
I have to agree with the others about the Audio Research preamps. I have owned the LS3, LS7 and now have a LS2B. The LS3 was a GREAT preamp, but for fun (Famous last words!!!) I tried a friends LS7 and I ended up buying one for myself. It uses 4 6922 tubes, so it can be a little pricey to re-tube, but it is worth the bucks to tube roll. I personally liked Bugle Boys.

I have recently changed to a LS2b Mk2 and love it more than the LS7. To me, in my system, is has better bass and the soundstage has better depth. It only uses 1 6922 so I am trying every decent tube I can get a hold of. So far the BB's are still the tubes for me. I run my pre into a Marchand crossover then to 2 Threshold SS amps (HP S300II and LP S150II). For my room and system, this is a very good set up for me.

The LS7's can be had for $550.00 and up, and the LS2's can be had for a little more. Try it, you just might like it! If you don't, they are very easy to resell. Good luck.
How about a humble looking tube preamp which someone would take it and give up a Hovland?

Check this:
Anyone with questions about just what kink of rock I listen to please check my first thread called

Best used Red Book Playeer for Rock-N-Roll
Troutki response (above) said it perfectly. Rogue 99 Magnum is your pre.

peter jasz
Update:...I've got a friend,who's opinion and experience I trust and respect very well. He's used a lot of high end tube preamps over the years, and swears by the little Cary $1200 piece! I forget the model, but I'm sure you could find it with some searching. He swears it's the best he's heard at or around that price range. So my experience with his judgement is that it must be worth a listen if you can find one.
I guess I shouldn't have left out the fact that I am looking for the best that I can get for around 2,000. used.
Within that price range you can find CAT preamps that are very nice, extremly well built and will definetly let you rock the house. You'll probably end up spending more money upgrading all the other componets just to match it's excellence. They come in several models, (I, II, III, Ultimate and with & w/o phono stages). If you can find one I doubt you would be disappointed.