What tube monoblocks?

I have thought about using Mc2102's as monoblocks or maybe some other tubes. Want to know if anyone has done this or has another idea.
Its hard to comment without considering your front end, and, your speakers, also your listening tastes and room. Iv had ARC monos,M300,VT150,D115MKII. Now I have Rowland Model 9 monos/w/BPS and Model 7 monos...Scot
Atma-Sphere' can be very nice, very hard to beat, in fact if your speakers are up to it. The M60's like like an 8 ohm or higher impedance with about 88dB sensitivity or higher. This combo would provide sufficient spl's for most sane individuals. Not to mention unbelievable detail and clarity and real bass that is often lacking in some tube designs.
I had MC 2102s stereo but I do not like the sound of it(too compressed). I suggest the Cary Audio 805 Anniversary Edition using 211 NOS tubes (Amperex, GE or Valve Art or the best of the best is United). But the Cary 805 monoblock amps (SET) should drive a pair of over 90dB speakers. Good luck.
We really need to know what speakers you intend to use to provide helpful responses...
the above statements about the atma-spheres is true. they are pretty amazing amps.

also, if you need more muscle, try a couple of bat stereo amps running in mono. they are a very nice amp.

hope that helps,