What tube amp mates well with Sonus Faber Amati's?

I have recently purchased a pair of Sonus Faber Amati's and have not yet decided on an amp. One of the amps I have considered are the Cary 805c's however i was told the bass may be a bit defficient. The speakers are 92db efficient and are rated nominally at 4 ohms. The lowest dip is to 2.9 ohms. I would appreciate any thoughts on the Cary/Sonus Faber combination or any other amplification suggestions regarding this speaker. Thank you
Hi Rhythm: PLS let us in yr other secrets, i.e. pre? /cables / musical tastes (kind of music, sonic preferences)?
I'm taking a shot in the dark( :)), but here goes: no experience with the Cary but some with a few other tubes. General comment: the sound was lovely; warm & enveloping & "lush" (if you'll allow). Also detailed and dynamic. The low end was clearly outlined -- not very deep, but I didn't feel this was compromising the musical experience...
-CAT stereo/CAT ultimate pre (JL2 or whatever): beautiful and VERY dynamic
-Jadis 80 (same pre): probably better than the above -- even more musical
-KR 8000 (or is it 800?) monos, same pre & KR pre: CAT pre was better to my ears. Brute dynamics, FAST, soemtimes felt the amps were going to pop the drivers into the room -- but they didn't.
The wires were the same on all accounts: bearlabs IC, Nordost Valhalla speaker. My own after mkt PC, hard-wired to a dedicated secondary box. I listen to classical, vinyl & cd.
Hope this contributes some! Cheers
I have the same speakers, I have been shopping for amps as well. After speaking with several manufactures, this is what I learned:

Cary 805 - lovely sound and capable of playing decent volume, but won't do rock-n-roll. Sonus Faber has used 805 in many of their show demos, so they must like the 805 combination a lot. Bass will be soft, more than typical tube amps with push-pull design.

Jadis JA50 - the best sounding Jadis for the Amati according to the importer. Power corrupts, so the larger Jadis will not be as good as JA50 when you consider transparency and purity.

CAT JL2 - too new to know any history, but JL1 came highly recommended with Amati. Should be PP taken to the highest level.

I also know SF Power series, CJ, and ARC are all good with Amati with SF being the best among the three. SF has more drive capability and more neutral, lower distortion will also pay back on Amati.
I have heard the Amati's with Nagra VPA and PL-P preamp with Wadia 860 and Siltech cables. Highs and midrange were to die for but bass although quite deep was not very well controled. What about a pure class A amp like the Pass Aleph series or the older Classé DR-3? Closest to tubes but better bass control.
I would seriously consider the Wolcotts. The adjustable damping is a great advantage.
it is a pity that the amatis are not biampable. i have been through much grief recently trying to find power amps which can drive the amatis' woofers well. despite their fairly high sensitivity( 92 db ), the amatis do better with more power. i've heard the vtl 250s ....great midrange and detail but i was still not happy with the bass control. transistor power amps may have this advantage but i think that will come at the expense of the midrange/higher frequencies. i'm told that the new jadis defy 7 is a good match, i've yet to hear it.
i will keep you posted.

I must agree with Anne that these speakers will have better control with larger amps. I use Airtight ATM3 mono tube amps
which will drive the Sonus Fabers and control the bass. Other possibilities are ARC 200, VTL 250, VAC70/70, etc. I have listened to the Cary 805's with the same observation on lack of bass control. Siltech cables mentioned by Goldorak above are an excellent choice.
Dear Sir!
I have the same problem like you had before.Whith amplifier shuld I buy for my AMATI'S speakers.If you have allready somethink realy good,can you please tell me.
Art Audio Adagio monoblock with KR KT100 ( 60 watts of paralelled single-ended power )
with NBS Omega cabling ( better bass control than Siltech mentioned
elsewhere ) should drive Amati without the bass deficiency.
when i had amatis,i tried many amps.
my best chice was komuro second was lamm ml1(now ml1.1).i did not like to much vac sig.140/140 after komuro and lammm with amatis.(cat also must be wonderfull amps for amatis)
i think also that goldmund (as a ss).and tenor new hybrid must be excellent choice for this speakers.
for cables.
first choose your amps than you will try to find best match cable
Does anybody can tell how Amati sound with Sonus Faber Musica amplifier?
I power a pair of SOnus faber GUarneri Homage with a Cary 805 C and teh sound is magical with PLENTY of bass. MORE bass than when I used a Mcintosh 602 600WPC SS amp. Ive had about a dozen amps over the past 4 years and the 805C amps are the best Ive ever heard. I also use a Cary SLP98P pre and SCD-1 for CD. I am using NBS Omega II speaker cables.

The GUarneri's are harder to drive than the Amatis being 87db so the 805C should make the Amatis sing!