What tube amp for watt/puppy V.1's

I am in the market for a tube amp to drive Wilson watt/puppy V.1's. I am currently using a Jadis Defy 7 MK4,
but would like more power. I am considering an Audio Research VT200 MK2. I have also noticed that higher power Jadis amps are selling on Audiogon at greatly reduced prices, such as the JA250 or JA400 (half of the JA800).My preamp is a CAT MK3. Any suggestions or opinions? Thanks
P.S. I am looking to spend around $10,000 to $12,000.
The routes you are considering are both viable and will provide the additional headroom necessary for Watt Puppy's.

I would add to your search list the newest Wolcott Presence mono blocks. These have a new wide band coupling transformer, and are computer biased.

The output stage uses eight EL-34 tubes and will produce in excess of 240 watts per channel. This circuit would provide excellent dynamic contrast and very deep bass response for the Wilson.

Perhaps of greater importance, the damping is user adjustable via a dip switch and rotary knob on the rear panel. This allows you the ability to match the speed and control of the drivers to your listening level and room modes.

There is also the possibility of quite a bit of tube swapping, should the factory supplied tubes displease you. Every tube, (Re: 6922, 6GW8 and EL-34), is sensitive to selection, and there are lots of aftermarket choices for these types.

Last, these mono blocks are well within your budget. Silver finish with the upgraded transformers have a suggested retail price of $8995.00.
I am using ARC VT-200 with my Wilson Watts 5.1 and am very happy with it. I did set the bias at higher than recommended by ARC for a fuller and smoother sound. This amp have anough juice to drive Wilson Watts. My preamp is CJ 16 LS.
No Question, JADIS JA 250 !!
I have one but sorry not for sale !!
Beware : the JA 400/500/800 are class AB not class A like the JA 100/250 !!

This amp will make you in another planet from high to the bottom. You might be upgarade your cable,player or speakers in the next 10 years but not your Jadis.

I used with JM Lab Mezzo utopia and i think will be very good with watt/puppy because have the same focal tweeter.
If you can find a VAC 30/30 or any of their other amps you can not go wrong. My good friend has the 6.1 with two 30/30 modified to 30/70 mono blocks with the Ultimate pre from CAT. I drive the Hales designer signitures with my Cat SLI Mk II and Vac 160 monos. Very liquid and colorful.
both the atmasphere ma2 mkII.2 and the Tenor 75Wi monoblocks were excellent on my watt/puppy 6s. both amps are OTLs and have great clarity and frequency extension compared to other tube amps i have tried. the atmasphere was considerably more powerful and is the more natural match for the hungry watt/puppy. the Tenor(which i have purchased) is the best amp i have heard but would be marginal on the WP. if you have a small room or don't listen loud then you need to hear the Tenor.

you can find upgraded atmasphere MA2's that are around $12k. new Tenor's would be somewhat more.

overall, don't dismiss the OTL direction. they are bombproof and have all the benefits of ss with the "breath of life" tube magic. the only issue is getting an OTL that properly matches with your speaker.
As a Jadis owner, and not being a real fan of either WATT/Puppies or the Audio Research amps, I'm surprised to report that I heard the WATT/Puppy 6 combination with ARC Reference 300 Mk II amps and felt that it was stunningly good. Finally an ARC amplifier that actually has some sweetness and life in the upper registers, not that usual bleached-out analytical sound. Doesn't have the bloom of the older Jadis amps, but probably a little more accurate and shockingly good bass, better than I've heard out of Jadis amps, also a surprise. Terribly expensive, but worth considering if you can find it used.
I have the 5.1's, a Cat Ultimate and Transparent Ref cables. I had a VT 100mk2 and tried a ML 335 just for grins. The 335 trounced the ARC Amp. Your on the right track with a high powered amp as the Wilson's, regardless of what you might hear, like lots of juice. Before you go to the trouble of a big tube amp I suggest you at least try a 335 or 336.
Albert: This may be the first time I disagree with you. I tried the Wolcott's on the Wilson MAXX's and not only was there no bass, but the imaging was all over the place. However, when I broght the amps over to a friend's house and hooked them up to Maggie's, it was MAGICAL! I have never heard Maggie's deliver dynamics and focus as I did with the Wolcott's. Great amps, but I do not know if they are good with boxes.

Many of the suggestions above are good ones. ARC sounds good with Wilson's, but I would never buy their product due to their contemptable service. The BAT VK-150SE monos match extremely well as do the Atma-sphere MA2 MKII.2's. The finest amplifier I have ever heard is the Tenor amplifier. While it will not play the WP5.1's at 120db, it will play loud and control both units very well. The sound is glorious.

Good luck!