What TT for $1200 used?

looking to spend $1200.00 on a turntable with arm. I have a cart. listen to classical and Jazz some pop. Any ideas?
If the engineering style appeals to you, a later-model Well Tempered Classic (round motor, black platter, later Classic arm) might be the ticket. See their website. If you decide on one, feel free to email me for some set-up and tuning ideas.

I'm sure others will also have some excellent suggestions, too.

No doubt about it, an LP12. The one I would buy is for sale here right now at just a little over your price point. And no, I have no vested interest in this table that is for sale but I've followed the owners upgrade path through these forums and know that there is no question about its condition.

I just wanted to provide a comment regarding the Well Tempered square motor Vs the round motor and also state that the square version table is an outstanding value also.

As an owner of the square motor reference version for the last 13 years, using the fountain head base, I've called Transparent Audio (the former distributer of WTT) on a number of occasions, recently as last year, to switch to the round motor. Each time I called they recommended to keep what I have since the square moter had more mass and they didn't feel that the cost justified the difference. They also pointed out that one of the advantages of the square version is that you can adjust the tension of the belt by pulling the motor in or out which you can't do with the round version.

I've never compared either side by side so I can't comment on the differences and I'm not trying to start a senseless debate. I agree that the one draw back of the square motor would be the age of the motor since it was replaced quite a while ago and thus it could be well over 10 years. Note that I have a friend who prefers the table with the sqaure cut out but uses the round motor. We all have our preferences.

I bring this up in this thread because I feel that comments made in this thread and also in another recent WTT thread could stop a potential buyer from purchasing this nice table if it had the square motor. At $1200 or less, A WT square version table would also be an outstanding value since this table would last for such a long time due to its design (minimal bearing wear), and it can be maintained with the number of significant upgrades that are available. Note that if a buyer wanted to upgrade the motor, they could still get the newer round one or convert to one of the DC replacements such as Origin Live that I'm considering.

I noticed that the Well Tempered site is now represented by Stanalog and not Transparent anymore. If Transparent is still in business, I would recommend calling them for their opinion on this.

I also agree that a Linn table is a classic and a very good value. I was always impressed with the bearing in the oil bath. I owned of these also. I would recommned that a potential buyer make sure that the suspension is sound.

Thanks for letting me share my opinion cause that's all it is!

Steve- I differentiated between the square and round mainly due to age because the round motor indicated a later model Classic which also came with the black platter and the better arm. (As WT improved the Classic, it became less like the Record Player model.) WT is able to update motors to their latest version, which has now been out for about a year. The latest motor is quieter. Also, while the square cutout offers more tensioning adjustment, the round still has enough room to offer more than an adequate amount of space to adjust the tension of a silk or mylar belt.

I went with the OL motor instead of upgrading the WT motor and am pleased. In considering and/or purchasing the OL motor, feel free to email me directly if you wish. I had written the instructions for the WT tables on OL's website and would be happy to explain any unclear points.

Hope that clarifies my original post for you and Bro57.