What transport with dCS Purcell/Delius Setup?

I'm leaning pretty strong towards a dCS Purcell/Delius setup and would like to know from others what transport works well with them? I'm hoping to pick up a good transport off Audiogon.

I used the Sim Audio Eclipse with my Purcell- excellent
I use a ML 39 works very well. Howeverm because the purcell retimes the signal, transport quality is not critical beyond a certain point
I am using a CAL Delta. Waiting for a good deal on the dCS Verdi when it becomes avail here on A-gon used. I hope to upgrade later next year. Hopefully by then the Grieg (sp) will be out too. :-) I wish dCS would consider a one box unit D/D - D/A - Preamp.

Another way of looking at this: transport manufacturer viewpoint. There are few major manufacturers; most transports are either Sony, Philips, CEC, or Teac. Choose the "sound" you prefer.

Not a specialist, nyself, I *seem* to find Sony bouncy and staccato, Philips expansive & musical perhaps less dynamic... However, as Fch notes, you need a good pick-up, but the purcell should take it on from there.
The transport section of the Sony SCD-1 is superb. Through the digital out (RCA only) to my Purcell and Elgar it beat my previous (Levinson) transport easily. Plus you get SACD playback (direct to the preamp) free this way.
Why not stay in the family and buy DCS's new transport? just a thought.


Mike Marcellas
So far I prefer the Levinson #31 transport with the Delius/Purcell combo. I previously owned the Electrocompaniet,Metronome,and Audiomecca units. With the #31 I notice subtle improvments. I would like to give the Forsell Ref a try. I have heard that unit with the Elgar/Purcell combo. Very impressive from the few times I have heard it.
You are correct in your statement. My long range goal is to get the dCS transport. The unit is so new that I can't find a used one yet. But I will keep looking.
I use a Goldmund Transport with this DCS Combination.
Iam very satisfied with it.


don't get sleepless night with the transport question. The DCS units are VERY insensitive to these.
I also got the Purcell/Delius combo. except I went ahead and upgraded both unites to IEEE 1394. I figured that I would need to get two good digital cables and that would be almost as the cost of the upgrade so I went ahead and did it. Now I don't regret doing so. I found that up sampling to DSD is much better than 24/192. For comparison I used two Straight Wire Maestro (my back up cables) as I was upgrading my Syn. Resh Resolution Reference to the X-series. I will try these once I get my amps fixed. Even with the x-series I still think that the upsampling to DSD (2.8MHz) would be better. Better yet I ordered a Verdi and can't wait to listen to SACD.