What tracking force for Shure V15lll?

Last night I pulled my V15111 with MR stylus out of the drawer - havn't mounted it for five years or so, and realized that I did not know what the suggested tracking force was. Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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The recommended tracking force for all the (better) Shure carts is 0.5 - 0.75 gm. You can double check the specs for your particular cart at:


I owned that cartridge back in the 70's, I beleive at that time I got the best results with 1.5-1.75 gram range.
Can't be, the tracking force for my V15Vmr is 1.0G.
Also add a gram if the cartridge has the brush engaged, like the V15VxMR.
Again, there is no brush on the V15lll.
Nsgarch, thanks, awesome link, problem solved .75 to 1.25 grams. I really appreciate the guidance.
Correction, I checked on cartridgedb. They don't specifically list the MR version, but the V15 III all seem to be around .75 - 1.25 gm. Sorry
Howdy Viridian,
I own 2 Shure V-15 Type III Cartridges, and directly from the factory booket that came with this Cartridge, VTF is recommended fro. .75gm to 1.25gm.

Typically, I'd usually set my own at 1.2gm, as at the lighter settings, mine seemed to get quite woolly, and not play at it's best. Tracking seemed to go to hell in a handbasket, at least with my tonearm-table combination I was using at the time. Your mileage may vary slightly, and with a good high quality arm, and Solid table, you may be able to use the factory recommended settings to good effect.

I'd also like to add that these specs were no doubt for the VN35E Stylus, so I don't know of specs were changed for the later, and I understand better MR? (Micro Ridge Version)

If there's any other info you'd like to know about the Type III, just give a holler, as I have the spec booklet here, and can give you any spec for this cartridge.
Thanks gentlemen. I tried the V15lll last night at 1.5G and it sounded surprisingly cohenent. Have to try it at 1.2 or so.
I'm sorry Viridian, I made an error in my last reply, as I meant to say that I used to set tracking on my V-15 at 1.5gm, not 1.2gm.
The Sure V15 series has a earned rep for harsh, brittle and almost unlistenable bright sound. They were a standing joke among most 'philes decades ago. The only cure (and a partial one at that) was "MORE" weight. Most of us (that would end up with one of them, from time to time) would track them at 1.5 and perhaps a tad more. Mine always sounded best when the cantilever was driven up into the cartridge body and the stylus was leaving "curly fries" of vinyl in its wake.
Better see that audiologist again!
I agree. After all the garbage of the 70's that I went through, I physiatrist would help as well. Just the thought of the first V15, the maiden runs of SS amp's and of course all the JBL's and Altec's that went through the house, it's a wonder that I can hear or think at all. "Some" of us still remember the only choices that we had for cables at that time. Downright pathetic.
I do hope that they improved the V15.
dan, I thought it was half a gram for the brush?
the v15vmr is a great cartridge for the money. It will track anything. Bob Ludwig used to use one, I remember. They are hardly junk, but they are the opposite of say, a Grado.