What tomearm ?

Does anyone know of a tonearm that would fit a project 1expresion 2 turntable ?
I think Iam gonna have to buy me a used or brand new turntable
Your tonearm can be assembled and rewired for under $100 by technician
Do you know of a technician that does that ? Im asking because I have advance lung cancer and because of my condition I really cant go out to the streets looking for one but I could call him by phone and mail him the tonearm with platter .My wife could help me mail it . I live at Mesa , Arizona .
Do you know of a technician that does that ?
Steve at VAS in NJ. He's an expert, reasonably priced and usually has fast turnaround times.
@rossb , Excuse me, all 9" Pro-Ject and Rega arms have a spindle to pivot spec of 222 mm. I even think the hole is the same size but I'm not sure of that. 
MCMVMX , look for a used Rega arm. They are around. If you took the Pro Ject arm apart you should be easily able to put a Rega arm on. 
Hang in there,

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