What tomearm ?

Does anyone know of a tonearm that would fit a project 1expresion 2 turntable ?
It seems that I didnt explain myself . Trying to change the cable on the tonearm I took it apart not knowing that I would be over my head when trying to put it all together again with the apropiate new cables . The same tonearm brand new is an investment of over 340 dollars and I would have to still have to solder all the cables to their places . Right now the tonearm is completetly disassambled , even from the gimbals and bearings . To put it in another term I really messed up . So I was just wandering before I go and buy me another turntable with tonearm if the possibility existed of a non project tonearm that would fit without having to change anything...just drop the tonearm base where the old tonearm was and thats it .
Sorry for not explaining the details . 
I think Iam gonna have to buy me a used or brand new turntable
Your tonearm can be assembled and rewired for under $100 by technician
Do you know of a technician that does that ? Im asking because I have advance lung cancer and because of my condition I really cant go out to the streets looking for one but I could call him by phone and mail him the tonearm with platter .My wife could help me mail it . I live at Mesa , Arizona .
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