What tomearm ?

Does anyone know of a tonearm that would fit a project 1expresion 2 turntable ?
I'm afraid I agree with the above. A true upgrade tone arm, and there are several, would cost more than your PROJECT. Sell the PROJECT, and consider a FUNK FIRM TT package. For a little upgrade in money, and some consideration given to possibly a better pickup, you will be punching way way above the caliber of what you currently have, without the nuisance of doing extensive TT mods which seldom workout unless you have exceptional skills and experience in this field. One of the Funk Firm arms has won numerous audio awards, the world over. The model LSD2 (fully loaded) is what you should consider. It may not appear "ULTRA HIGH END, it just plays Ultra High End (with the right cartridge) 

There is nothing wrong with the tonearm to begin with. Pro-ject makes a pretty good arm. They are used on other makes of turntables as well....music hall, and even on the entry level Linn majik, although that arm is of the 9cc or evo variety. The funk firm is a sideways move, it is no better than what you have. If you want a real move up, then go to a pro-ject xtension 9 or 10...or a music hall 9.3 or 11.3.....or a Linn, or even a vertere dg-1.
It seems that I didnt explain myself . Trying to change the cable on the tonearm I took it apart not knowing that I would be over my head when trying to put it all together again with the apropiate new cables . The same tonearm brand new is an investment of over 340 dollars and I would have to still have to solder all the cables to their places . Right now the tonearm is completetly disassambled , even from the gimbals and bearings . To put it in another term I really messed up . So I was just wandering before I go and buy me another turntable with tonearm if the possibility existed of a non project tonearm that would fit without having to change anything...just drop the tonearm base where the old tonearm was and thats it .
Sorry for not explaining the details . 
I think Iam gonna have to buy me a used or brand new turntable
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