What to use to clean vpi classic platter?

Got some finger mark on the aluminum platter, what is the best stuff u guys use to clean the VPI aluminum platter?
pledge has an all purpose cleaner and it works well...if in doubt call them.
They recommended something called Panel Magic to me for cleaning the older tables. I think it is now called Kitchen Magic or Cabinet Magic, cleans wood, acrylic, and metal if I remember correctly.
VPI's email address is here in the Industry Directory.

Best bet is to ask them. I am unsure if this Platter is clear anodized, or not? Better to be safe, than sorry. Mark
I am not exactly familiar with your model. I had a Denon back in the day. Car wax worked great. The wax helped make it easier to clean later in my case.

It is probably a good idea to check with VPI. I would stay away from my idead if there are groves and or black paint filled areas on the platter.