what to use to angle a center channel speaker down

so that it points more directly at the listening area? it sits on a shelf above my rptv. want to make sure that it doesn't add anything to the sound (no vibrations!) and that it doesn't allow the center to slip downward.

thanks for your thoughts!
One upturned cone point in the center of the back edge. A 1/2" to 1" cone should do the trick.
Hi David,

If you want the entire speaker to be isolated from sending unwanted vibration into the shelf and other connected shelves and components, I would recommend two large size compliant isolation feet under the rear of the speaker and two smaller size compliant isolation feet under the front of the speaker.

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Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products
looked at your products (and the reviews) and will order a sets of both the large and small isolation feet -- they would seem to do everything i need.

Lovan makes a small stand called a "center director". It is used to angle a center channel up. But I am using one backwards to angle a speaker down. Seems to work well for me. Only down side is no angle adjustment. But it does adjust to accomodate a wider speaker.
i use a book

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I use and old mouse pad cut up into smaller squares. I stack 3 in each corner of the rear and in the front I use a Square on each end. Works pretty well IMHO.
How about a pair of door stopper? Or to be more sophisticated, order Sorbathane pads from an industrial supply company (like McMaster-Carr) and build one to spec.