What to use for Merlin TSM stand mounting

Getting a pair of Merlin's in the near future and wondering how is best way to mount to B&w nautilus stands.
hi james,
are the stands metal and filled with sand?
do they have leveling points that go to the floor?
there should be nothing on the top plynth of the stand, no rubber etc., to decouple the speaker from it. just use a tiny 1/8 inch (or smaller) ball or blue tack or poster putty on each corner.
if you have an other concerns and want to talk to me personally, call me at the plant because i will help. 585 367 2390.
bobby at merlin
I second the blu-tack use. Have used it on a number of stand mounted speakers including my Harbeths. Couples the speaker well to the stand (and floor) and causes no damage to bottoms.
3rd the use of blu-tak under the speakers to attach them to the stands. I'm using this for my Tannoy DMT10 speakers. In fact, the Tannoy user's manual expressly says to do this - says that's the best method w/o altering the sound.
Thanks guys
Stands are on carpet with spikes, sand filled, etc. I am going to go with the blu-tak.
Please allow me to 4th this one as that's the way I have my new MM's mounted...Bobby always gives great advice and is tremendously helpful....plus they sound great when properly positioned and mounted
I have my TSM-MX's mounted on Osiris stands using the poster putty from Office Depot which works fine. If you don't want the mess of sand or lead shot for environmental reasons, Audio Advisor now has bags of tiny stainless discs that are sold as stand filler. It's very pricy, but much easier to work with. Tom
another suggestion re. filling the stands: I used kitty litter. It is granulated clay & it is mich bigger in size that a sand granule so it has the tendency to stay inside the hollow tubes of the stand rather than leaking onto your carpet or floor! Kitty litter is just as sonically dead as sand & also does a great job preventing any ringing in the hollow tubes of the stand. It is also very cheap. You do not mess up your hands just in case you need to handle it. Also, it is not toxic (& even if it is, it's not any more than the Clorox you already have in your house). FWIW. IMHO.