What to use as a shipping box for Rel storm II

I have a REL Storm II that I will be selling soon. I don't have the original shipping box. I called Sumiko the distributor and they want $100 for the factory box. That seems like a pretty expensive way to go. Any suggestions on what to use to ship this 75 pound baby.

I would appreciate any suggestions you can provide.


go to a mailboxes type store and they have the double boxes you'll need.
Don't know where you're located, but look in the yellow pages under packaging materials and find a full-line supplier. There are many standard box sizes that will work, add 4" to each dimension and pick the closest one. Look for at least a 200# carton, preferably 275# doublewall. Then get a big roll of 1/2" thick bubble wrap and start wrapping til it fits. Probably cost around $40 total. BTW, these subs are supposed to be shipped upside-down, so remember that when you put the address label on.
Ask your local UPS if they have one of those foam bag making machines. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! These plastic bags are custom cut and injected with 2 liquids that actually mix inside to create styrofoam that expands and conforms to the shipped item, and the resulting foam is MUCH harder and denser than those foam peanuts! My local UPS also sells boxes. I've never had a problem shipping with UPS, regarless of comments on Agon to the contrary. Happy Tunes!
One more thing: the strip-mall joints (Mailboxes Etc, etc) are a gigantic ripoff, you will literally pay between 2 and 3 times as much there as at a commercial shipping supply. This is also true of their UPS rates vs actual UPS rates, so beware! They are counting on your ignorance to make a killing.
Go to a Best Buy or similar store and see if they will let you have a couple A/C boxes.Get one that the sub fits into and one the sub/box will fit into.Get a big enough outer box so you can slide some styra-foam in between the 2 boxes.May be worth a shot!
Karls, you are RIGHT on the money. Those places punch you in the nose, elbow you in the gut and knee you in the groin when it comes to pricing. While it is a matter of convenience for some, the pricing is so high that i would rather be "inconvenienced" and save 60 - 70%.

I was in the process of buying a SMALL component from a guy that lived in Vegas ( i live near Chicago ). He told me that it would probably cost about $40 - $45 to ship it here. I told him NO way, try about $10 - $15 at most. Anyhow, he had his wife take care of shipping it out, since he worked and she was home all day. He contacted me the next day to let me know that shipping really was something like $42. He then explained that this was the right price, his wife had been doing business with this shipping company for over 5 years, etc... As i came to find out, she was dealing with a "mailboxes, etc" type of joint. I told him to have her go directly a local UPS terminal and compare price differences for herself. Needless to say, the package was $14 and she was HIGHLY upset. I'm sure that she never went back to "mailboxes, etc" ever again. Except maybe to cuss them out.... Sean
I found that in my area UPS or UHaul has the cheapest strongest boxes. UHaul has lots of packing supplies. Wrap the speaker with a plastic bag, then bubble wrap, then box with combination of peanuts and crushed paper. Then double box it in a larger box and you'll be all set. Cost should be around $35.