What to upgrade to?

I will be retiring at the end of the year or earlier depending on the Covid virus.  Anyway I am looking for that last upgrade to my system.  I will be looking at either upgrading my analog system or loudspeaker.  I have about 10k in a complete turntable and my speakers retailed for 12k about 5 years.  Both I could live with in retirement and be quite happy. But I have $15k - $20k to spend if I want to on either upgrading my turntable or speakers.  What would you upgrade? Turntable or speakers?
I would like to thank everyone who has participated on my thread.  There were alot of great suggestions.  I was pleasantly surprised that there were a few who has heard my speakers and know of Dale's work.  After listening last night I can reaffirm the the Intuitive Design speakers are extremely good.  
I have decided to upgrade my cartridge and see how that upgrade works before looking at anything else.  Perhaps a serious cartridge upgrade will be all that's needed.

FYI - Soundsmith has most of their upper line cartridges on sale 25% off, https://elusivedisc.com/search?search_query=Soundsmith.  A nice benefit of Soundsmith is their ability to rebuild the cartridge to near new many times at a fraction of the new-cost, and the rebuild is a  new stylus-cantilever-suspension.  Makes those retirement $$$ go further, if the cartridge sound is to your liking.  I heard a direct comparison between their top of line Hyperion vs a Lyra Etna - same turntable & arm (VPI HW-40) and all the same electronics (CAF-2018) playing a Louis Armstrong record.  The Lyra made Louis Armstrong sound like he was playing Aspen, CO (crisp dry air) while the Hyperion sounded like he was playing in New Orleans (thick humid air).  They both sounded great, but it all comes down to your taste.  Otherwise, I own the Soundsmith Carmen and Paua, and these tend to be a bit sultry which is my preference, whereas the Sussurro and Hyperion is said to be more detailed.   The web has review of just about all their cartridges.

Good Luck, and remember, every change that you make to your system makes what is old new again, and when retired you should have more time to listen.  So, maybe if you budget/stage your 'improvements' you can keep that journey going throughout your retirement for many years to come.  
Time for one of the fantastic new $10,000+ phono cartridges. With your system you could really unlock great sound with something like an Ortofon MC Anna Diamond.
The other thing - it's sacrilegious - a great new streamer and DAC. Your budget would get you some great "analog sounding" digital gear. And with Tidal Masters or Qobuz Studio you'd have a chance to listen to everything new BEFORE buying it on vinyl. Which is the best way to do digital.
Creativepart, I am 99% a vinyl guy. I am not sure about a $10,000+ cartridge but I bet it would sound sound incredible.
bobheinatz ,

I dont know your spkrs that well, but am going through similar situation.

you have a nice table and arm, I would go for the phono stage upgrade.

Last 24 months have bought and sold a variety of phono stages in the 2k to 5k range. finally bit the bullet and walked up to next level. bought the VTL TP 6.6 signature with all options. Have never heard LPs sound so good and so dynamic.
so my vote would be spend your cash on the VTL phono stage.

best of luck