What to upgrade/do next?

Hi everyone,

I posted a while back and this forum was incredibly helpful! Not sure if I am in the right category, but I thought I'd start here. I am wondering what to do/upgrade next with my setup.

Here is what I am currently doing.

I have a Music Hall USB-1 turntable
That is going into a NAD326BEE
I then have paradigm Monitor series 11 v.5 speakers

Not really looking to upgrade the NAD or the speakers at this point, since I just purchased those not too long ago. The turntable is a starter, so I could upgrade that if it is what everyone thinks I should do, but I am wondering what else I can add into this setup to make it better.

Given the NAD not having a phono input, I am also not running phono. Should I start upgrading there? Although, I think the turntable has a built in phono preamp. I'm sure I could do better.

Anyway, just not sure where to go next in this new found hobby.


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If I run my turntable on "line" through the NAD I can definitely get it up loud enough. If I switch it to phono, it still comes through the speakers, but incredibly quiet.
Setting the switch to "line" routes the signal from the cartridge through a built-in phono preamp, while setting it to "phono" will bypass that phono preamp, and output the signal straight from the cartridge. The "phono" position will be used with an external phono preamp.

I do agree with a TT upgrade, however the first step should be that external phono preamp, as this will be needed when using an upgraded TT.