What to see in Axpona

Year 3 in Chitown, second year in the new venue is really helping I think.
So far some stunners are (as always) Jeff Rowland and Vivid.  Passionate folks with years of experience shows what can be done on the thresholds. Tip the Vivid Kaya over on a leg, these are lightweight but stunning across the board, 3 way design with no cabinet noise, stunning lows with quad drivers.  Jeff's accompanying gear is always good. Best of the best. 
AGD is also here alongside Alan Sides you have to hear the resolution and control that is possible with Class D because of GaN.
I always check in with Van Schweikert and VAC, the Marietta GA crew.. big big sound on the Ultra 11s. Down the hall are the biggest damn Magicos and subs in hifi powered by Dan.  You have to hear Pure Audio Projects Trio and Pass Labs on 16 as well as Avantgarde. That room is pure class and power on ~5watts. 
Today I'll check out the new Maggie LRS and Triode and Volti for a big horn fix. I will also try and find the best small room that is set up right for size.  I think Vinnie Rossi took it last year. 
What did you like this year? What was special or majik. Any surprises?

See you in the halls!