What to see at the CES show?

If you are going to the CES show or even if you are not, what one or two products would be on your absolute must see list?
BAT VK75SE amplifier, Martin Logan Prodigy speakers, Accuphase CDP's. Damned good thing I'm not going to the show, I'd have to rob a bank to pay for all the toys I'd "have to have".
Halcro, I have never seen or heard them and would knock my brother out for the chance to. Isn't brotherly love something else. I would also pay attention to Avalon Acoustics multi channel set-up and everything Rockport. But as said for 3 years in a row now, I will go next year, but I ain't gonna hold my breath.
I agree with Tireguy, I MUST audition the Halcro room. I'm definitely going, so I'll let you know TGuy. BTW, the CES (from my understanding) is an industry trade show, and you need a badge to get into the Alexis Park show (THE SHOW at the brand spankin' new Tuscany is open to the public). After the events of Sept. 11th, I imagine security will be real tight...No badge, No entry to the C.E.S. If anyone who is going wants to e-mail me, we can hopefully get together!
i've decided to pass on ces this year, mainly because of its mid-week schedule that comes at one of my historically busiest times of the year. were i to attend, there are a few things i'd want to see. axiss, the usa distributor for accuphase and airtight, should have its new turntable line, transrotor (german), on display. musical surroundings will have the latest models of aesthetix products, the whole clearaudio tt and cartridge line and the new basis tonearm to view.

i'm going to miss seeing all my friends in the audio world and attending the great dinners and other functions for which i've been privileged to receive invitations. i'll also miss discovering some of the stuff from italy, france, germany and scandinavia that rarely makes it to u.s. audio shops. but most of all, i'll miss getting all the bargain and sometimes gratis software.

have fun all. -cfb
CFB: It is a shame, because I was planning on buying you a lobster dinner. :)
fatparrot: i've received an email from ces, saying you'll need two forms of id to gain entry this year: (1) your badge, which you should have received by now, unless you registered late, and (2) an id that shows your "company affiliation." a word to the wise: best get some audio business cards made up. i use either the avery or southwick products on my laser printer. -cfb
Has anyone heard when the Las Vagas CES is and if much is going to happen there. I heard that it is not expected to be much this year and have not even seen the dates.
aknorth: the site to look to on earth is: http://www.cesweb.org/ sorry, but i'm not sure whether this is accessible on either neptune or pluto. -cfb
Thanks for the info. If I ever get to Neptune or Pluto will check and see. Never know they may not have even heard of the CES there. Heck one never knows maybe they have the system of all systems there.

The reason that systems on Neptune and Pluto sound so good is that all components are cryogenically treated. One problem is that the air molecules moving at near absolute zero are very slow. For this reason, one needs to decide what to listen to in three weeks and put it on now. Don
Check out 1312 at Alexis Park.Our room will feature major new products from Aloia ,Piega,and AVM as well as our standard fare.Copulare,Audiomeca,Audio Tekne as well.Piega c-40,Aloia inductive cd player and the new Aloia stereo amp the 1501.