What to see at CES?

What will you be looking to see at this years CES show?
New/current AV preamps!
I am not going to the show myself but if I was I would be looking for the following:

1. PS Audio's Perfect Wave Transport (USB)
2. Ayre's new USB DAC
3. dCS Puccini U-Clock
4. Pioneer's 10th Generation Kuro Displays
Iam going to the show i am looking at the new emerald physic speakers, and pass has some new products out also that i would like to see...

Actually, I'm going to T.H.E. Show.
Want to hear Thiel 3.7s if available.

All my other audio needs are up-to-date.

Well, I'd LOVE to have a new BAT 300x-SE!
And I'm cruising the $1000 MC cartridge sector.
And the sound of the Rega Apollo I (foolishly) sold is still haunting me (can the Saturn really be BETTER?)

Starting to get depressed...
The new Navison 150 OTL monoblock amp (room 30-119). Okay, I'm biased on this one, but it is a stellar amp for under $30k.
VPI's new 'Classic' tt.
What's the deal with this new VPI table. To quote from the VPI website............ "The sound of the “Classic Turntable” is fast, clean, wide open, with deep powerful bass, and unequalled in speed stability. The “Classic Turntable” gives any turntable made regardless of price a serious run for the money.
This completely new design has produced the simplest and best sounding VPI to date."

Anybody have any info they can share? Does this mean I need to sell my SSM?