What to replace a Rotel RCD 971 with

Hey - Folks tend to around and around on this but I need to replace my Rotel RCD 971 and I have a large collection of HDCD's most especially Greatful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band. Consequently HDCD is something I don't want to just brush off. With $1500.00 what would you do?
I can recommend a Naim CD5x. If I didn't love what it does, especially with HDCDs, I'd have gone 100% streaming by now.
The much touted Oppo BDP-95 ($999) decodes HDCD.
For $450, you would be surprised how good the Emotiva ERC-2 is. It does a nice job with HDCDs.

FWIW, I own a Rotel RCD-1082, which is well regarded and plays HDCD. For the last year I've had a Squeezebox Touch, and even HDCDs copied to lossless FLAC with dbpoweramp and played through stock Squeezebox sound as well as with the Rotel. Of course the Squeezebox adds other functionality which I really like, plus it's 40% the price of the Rotel. In short, I'm selling my Rotel. With $1000 you could buy a Touch + a good external DAC + a good digital cable and surely outperform my setup.

You might want to think about these alterantive solutions before pulling the trigger. You might not prefer it, but I suggest you consider it.

BTW, it's not lack of definition that makes my Rotel and stock Touch sound the same: Lamm pre, McIntosh MC275 amp, B&W 804S speakers, Purist cabling. In fact, a couple simple software tweaks on the Touch make it sound better than the Rotel.

My two cents. I hope it helps.
The Emotiva ERC-2 facinates. Their whole business model does. One of the limitations I face is lack ability to demo what I want to hear without traveling hours.So that's on the list and I'm contemplating some non HDCD options from on-line retailers with 30 day back otions, specifically Creek Evolution-2 and CA 651C & 851C.I can I've got a Naim dealer that would make a reasonable day trip. CD5i has a bug in my ear.

Rest of system is CA 651A, Totem Staff, running Transparent MusicLink Plus and MusicWave Plus for cables. TT TBD