What to power Thiel 2.4 speakers?

I am new to this hobby and would appreciate any suggestions as to what I should use to power the Thiel 2.4 speakers.
What is your budget. Thiels like power, try a McIntosh MC352 or the new MC400 4500.oo. Or look at EDGE, Bryston,
Sherbourne,etc. But I would get at least 300w to properkly drive the 2.4's
I did audition them and they were very impressive much better than the 2.3's
Although I don't have any direct experience with the 2.4, it is said to be much easier to drive than most previous Thiel models, the 1.6 excepted. So you might be fine with as little 100+ watts into 4 ohms, maybe less depending on your listening habits and room. But more power certainly won't hurt.

If you can, try a few amps at home. SS and tubes.
I'm driving my 2.3s with a plinius sa 100 amp and Conrad Johnson Premier 17 pre amp. The 2.4s are supposed to be easier to drive, but it's been my experience with Thiel that the SS amp / Tube pre amp combo is a good one. The SS provides the power necessary to make the speakers sing and the tubes mellow out the sound nicely.
Thiel's are very revealing and as stated love power. I would get the best you can afford. I have heard the bigger Thiel's driven by the Audio Research 600 and then by the Krell FPB600 within a few minutes of each other. Both sounded great.

Stick with good; no, stick with great quality.

I'm driving mine w/ pass X250 amp w/ pass x2 preamp, i can tell you the 2.4's are alot easier to drive than the 2.3's. I demo'ed the 2.3 in my home before i decided on the 2.4's. the meter on the front of the x250 doesn't get anywhere near the level it did with the 2.3's at similar volume levels. the 2.4's are still breaking-in but i very impressed with these speakers. i agree with everyone above, high quality, high powered SS.
I used to own the 2.3's. I first drove them with a Sonic Frontiers Power-1 (55W tube amp) and then a McIntosh MA 6900 (200W Solid State integrated). Both sounded excellent. Different, but excellent. Always take quality over quantity. As much quality as you can afford. Enjoy.......
I'll be the contrarian here. I drove the 2.3s with a 120 watt Electrocompaniet solid state amp and traded up a month later to an 80 watt Air Tight ATM2 tube amp. Both sounded very good, but different. I preferred the ATM2 hands down -lived with it for 3 years.

Got plenty of volume out of the 2.3s in a 5000 c.f. room with a mere 80 watts. I must qualify that my listening tastes are 80% "classic" jazz from the 50's and 60's at volumes seldom exceeding 90 dB.

Can't comment on reproduction of current pop/rock recordings, but the Steely Dan and Little Feat tunes sounded great too. Good luck!

A robust , solid state power amp is the best option.