What to pair with B&W 702?

I just purchased B&W 702 S2, 705 S2, HTM71 S2 & DB4S. I'll be placing them in my family room. I'd very much appreciate if you could recommend matching Receivers/amplifiers for these speakers. I'm willing to spend upto $8K for those two items. 
I mostly listen to music in the background all morning while I'm working. In the evening I usually watch some TV show and then on some nights I'd watch a movie esp on weekends. 

I'd very much appreciate any expert recommendations. 
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Im ordering Marantz AV 8805 and Parasound Halo A51. 
I hope I made the right choices
Excellent choices; You have assembled an outstanding system, enjoy!


And I totally forgot to mention this:  Samsung QN75Q80RA