What to match with KSA-50

My system is Krell PAM-3 Preamp and KSA-50 power. this combo have been running for years. Now going to upgrade in step by step. The preamp goes first. My speaker is ProAc Response 2.5.
I am torn between a Pass Labs X0 and Thor TA-2000. Which one give me more warm musical feeling?
In a local shop I saw a Gryphon Sonata at similar price. Anybody knows about this brand in comparsion to former two?
The Pass X0 is a very natural sounding preamp but not "warm" sounding as in tube warm. If you want to warm up the sound you will need a tube preamp.
I also am using the venerable pam3[nice phono stage] but with a simaudio 4070SE. I have had the pam1 with the ksa50 together for one evening several years ago. They had a very good synergy. Have you read the review at enjoythemusic.com on the eastern electric mini max? Apparently, for $1200US this maybe, one to consider. I'm keeping my pam for a little longer but if I was going to move I would consider this mini max for a look-see. Check out the min max in the archives here....good luck.