What to look for in used CDP transport

When looking at used CD players, are there some transports that one should look for -- and others to avoid -- so that the player can be repaired when the transport craps out? For example, I've got my eye on a player that uses a Philips CDM12 transport. If it fails, would I be able to get it fixed, or would I have bought little more than an expensive paperweight?
-- Howard
I replaced CDM12 once. There are different versions of CDM12 but I selected VAM1250 if remember correctly. CDM12 used to be the most popular CD drive in computers so easy replacement is likely. If you're looking for decent transport alone try DVD player (or cheap Bluray). DVD players have very good tracking, play MP3, are cheap and have very bad sound (does not matter for use as transport). At the end I switched to PC Audio.
Howard, you are definitely on the right track. Try to determine the replacement cost of the CD drive and laser pickup in any unit you are considering. I had a high end, high priced Sony unit. When the laser failed, I learned that a replacement would cost over $1,000 and could only be found in Germany, if at all. It was the infamous Sony KSS 190. You are wise to buy something current, from a manufacturer that will be around for the long term. My advice would be to look at something like an Oppo.