What to keep?

I have decided to divest myself of a lot of the "spur of the moment" buys that I have made. I am going to keep 12.....yes 12 pieces of equipment. Everything else will go to friends and family. I would love to get some opinions on pieces that you would not part with. none of it is that special. I just love Vintage equipment. So help me make a
decision. If you only see one piece you would save...you won't hurt my feelings.
Thanks for your opinions!!!

(2) Onkyo M 504 amps..counts as one item.
Sansui AU 4400 int. amp
Sansui 4000 Reciever
Pioneer SX-737 Reciever
Pioneer SX-650 Reciever
Sont TA-4650 int. amp
Marantz 2215 reciever
Marantz 2230 reciever
Kenwood KA-3500 int. amp
Yamaha RX-550 int amp
Pioneer 1060 BK int. amp
Fisher futura 201 very early solid state reciever
Nikko 950 int. amp
Yamaha K 950 cassette recorder
Magnavox/ Philips CD player vintage 1985....weighs 20 pounds!!
Philips 797 reciever
Technics SU-v98 int. amp
Sansui AE970 Int. amp with matching EQ.
Pioneer SX-6 reciever
Yamaha CR-620 reciever
Philips 794 reciever
you can't have too many vintage marantz and phillips receivers. keep em. the phillips stuff is getting very rare in nice condition. let the rest fly
Are you keeping your speakers? Decide what has the best synergy with your speakers and hang on to that piece anyway. Other wise Jaybo offers good advice from a collectors view. I guess you have to consider who has the right equipment to make good use of what you give away also. To me "vintage" receivers really go well with restored speakers from the same era. All those pieces will need restoration/repairs eventually so give them to someone who cares enough to do that or else sell them on craigslist and buy your friends something new LOL!
Since I won't hurt your feelings, I would have difficulty choosing anything to keep. But if you want to set up an entire vintage system, then the advice of Jaybo and Ausjoe makes sense.

I am intrigued by the Fisher, although I am not familiar with the particular model. Fisher and Marantz were two gentlemen who were venerable designers of a bygone era. Very old Fisher and Marantz gear could be very good for its time.

I had an old Fisher amp during my college days back in the 70's. Many happy memories occurred with that unit playing.
Mapleshade is updating and moding Fishers. See thier catelogue for their glowing descriptions about results. Also Joseph Chow of Audio Horizons is reportedly doing amazing mods on receivers. He and his partner Victor are very approachable. Maybe they can give you some guidance about diamonds in the rough you may be holding
I love the looks and feel of the 70's receivers but to my ear they are not very pleasing. I can understand the interest in them but it's like 70's clothing some things are better left in the closet!