What to improve? all suggestions are welcomed

My current setup are Audiomeca Kreatura transport + Assemblage dac 2.7+ VTL 2.5 line stage+ BAT VK 60+ Coincident Victory with cables from Nordost Reddawn+Cardas Cross and Kimber PK10+Audience Power cord AC cables.
I'm very satisfied with the detailed this system gives out but what it lacks is deep tight bass. on some recordings it gives a good tuneful of bass but not the impact I want. So please suggest what to improve? tube rolling? change pre-amp, speakers? in case of speakers, I really like the detailed mids and highs so I'm thinking to step up to the Total Victory if my budget allowed but other speakers suggestions are welcomed too (budget $3,000)

thanks guys
If its deep controlled bass get a high quality two channel sub like a rel or bag end. no HT stuff you wil be very happy
You have all quality gear and sounds like you're happy with.
I personaly would go for the bag end sub.
Without having heard your system, which seems very good, I'd say first check for correct polarity to speakers (+ to + and - to - for each). If not connected properly, bass is affected.

Also confirm that your speaks are well positioned for good bass in your room.

If these check out OK, then add a good sub or two, as was suggested.
The answer to obtaining tighter more extended bass with improved dynamics is V-Cap TFTF teflon caps in lieu of the four stock .22uf/630V Jensen aluminum PIO coupling caps in VK-60. This will also improve HF resolution and neutrality across FR. This is a simple soldering job; while you are in there, also replace the stock 2' Belden wires between XLRs and PCBs with a decent IC.