What to get some feedback/advice please b4 buying

Hi Everyone,
I'm about to buy an integrated and it's down to the NAD m3 and the Marantz pm-11s1. Wondering if anyone has some thoughts:
I'm looking for a very quiet, but warm and musical sound. I read good reviews about both.
I had the Conrad Johnson mf2500a and cj 18LS pre, both solid state, and there was always a buzzing sound, which apparently is somewhat common with the mf2500a. Thanks,
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Based on your specified listening preference of "warm and musical", I would definitely go with the Marantz out of these two. However, you haven't said what your source is or what speakers it will drive - the NAD is significantly more powerful than the Marantz (180 w/ch into 8 ohms v 100 w/ch). In the event that your speakers are very difficult to drive, then the NAD might be the better option. IMHO, if you need that sort of power, you should look at Musical Fidelity (A5 or A5.5) ahead of the NAD.