what to expect with new preamp breaking in?

I have a newly purchased Meridian G02 preamp and I would like to know what changes to expect when it breaks in? I am asking because I have noticed a bit of grain in the sound. I know the sound will change to some degree, but should I expect the grain to go away once things stabilize? thank you all for any thought or experience that you may have to share with me and others that may read. It has about 10 hours on it at this time and is being used with a new Straightwire blue thunder power cable.


grain usually goes away with warmup too...
Get yourself the ISOTek System Enhancer CD, run it through your pre-amp for a week, and consider your question answered.

My past experiences are as follows. ARC REF 3

1.Preamp usually sounds sterile and 2 dimensional
2.Highs will start to relax about 50-100 hrs.
3.Image will be more focused at approximately 150-200 hrs
4.Finally Depth and width improve dramatically at 350hr mk.

Just my .02 cents.

Keep a tuner playing through the preamp at all times.
Thank you all for your input.