what to expect

it cost me the ranch in montana,a second born child and my beloved extensively modifed melos 220a phono stage but i have apparently acquired a bona fide vendetta research 2b in exchange. since such avae rara are even moreso in oklahoma, i don't really know what i'm in for. what should i listen for? what is the vendetta going to do that my melos couldn't. what should i expect?
translate please.
I think he's saying that, although he said some Ave Maria's in Oklahoma, he still has a bona fide vendetta against someone who may be "melos" or "malo" which could mean "very bad".

I think you're on the right track with the Hail Mary's. Leave vengence to the Lord.

I've also found that playing music on a nice stereo has a pacifying effect which may help you, so look into getting one of those.

Don't listen to those guys. The VD phono pre is an item most who know (including me) would kill for if not die for; sound unheard ;-) The only reason I don't have one is because as you indicated, they are rarer than hens' teeth!

There are plenty of interesting stories/lore on Google, but what do you care -- you have one!!
Those guys at CTC are crazy with the names: a preamp called the "Blowtorch" and a phono stage called "VD". Sounds like somebody encountered a blowtorch that gave him VD.
i was trying to be amusing but not obscure, i'm sorry if i've led the conversation off audio. i'm just trying to find out what these things are like from those who have heard them. why the mystique?