What to do Yamaha DSP A3090

I think the time has come to replace my 3090 (it is still a great unit). Unless someone can point me to a good audio repair shop near Boston. The input selector has become erratic (even with the remote) and will not hold the selection. I know there are some repair options but i do not want to tackle it myself.

If I cannot get it repaired - what is the best bang for the buck. in the TV room i run Mirage M3, MCSI and MBSII along with a Velodyne DD15. I was thinking of the Pioneer SC99, Denon 7200 or the Yamaha Aventage 3060 - or open to suggestions (remember best bang for the buck).

not too worried about the audio because, i run B&W 801s, Nak PA7s and a Nak TA4A as a pre in  a different room

thanks in advance for your input
Hi BumbaAudio,

I don't think you'd be disappointed with any of these, but I'd say your best bet is going to be the Denon, though the Yamaha is a great value at $2199. Have you considered Arcam? The AVR550 is just a bit more than the Denon and has a far superior room correction platform (Dirac Live) and amplifier section. I'll send you a PM with our contact info if you require further assistance.

Take care,