What to do with your tax return?

I know doing your taxes is a pain, but I'm ravaged by the tax man all year long so I generally end up with some cash back every year and naturally my scheming twisted mind tries to find a use for it. If I don't get the damned money out of the bank, the wife may decide to redecorate (again). Last year I was busy with work and the kids, took my eye of the ball, and she gutted and replaced the entire kitchen. No thought to include a fine audio system in the kitchen either. I was devastated. No, my return wasn't anywhere near enough. Lesson learned. Past years I've bought amplifiers, speakers, etc..varies depending on what my "perceived need" is at the time and how much of my own money the government is willing to share with me. If you are one of the lucky ones and anticipate a refund this year, do you plan to spend some or all of it on audio gear and/or music? I'll kick this off by pre-spending some of my money (the rest goes to paying off the kitchen). I'm real happy with my system as is, but feel an unnatural need to invest in interconnect and power conditioners. And records, I crave more vinyl. Big, heavy, 180g slabs of vinyl, gotta have it! Happy listening, Jeff
I was not so fortunate this year. I think I might have to sell my left B&W Nautalis 802 to pay my taxes, then maybe try to find some good mono recordings.
Just increase the withholding tax that comes out of your paycheck, so you will get a bidder refund next year!! Find a business reason, and/or open that audio store you talked about the other day, so you can write off all that equipment you have as a business expense. Good Luck!! Sugarbrie, CPA
I guess that is BIGGER refund. CPAs can't type or spell; it's all in the numbers. You can also clean out all the equipment in your closet that still has value and give it to charity.