What to do with Wilson 5.1's main drivers

I have a pair of 5.1's and the foam is seperating from the cone on the main drivers. I have researched a little on the net and I am not interested in trying a DIY project, as I'm not sure I would get it right. Are there any drivers out there to replace? I know at Wilson they do some extra tweeking with the drivers they install in their products. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Typically I would say if you can afford to buy a Wilson then you can afford to have them service them.
If I well remember the 5.1 woofers are Dynaudio 21W54 ! Why not ask Dynaudio or importer like Sim Audio. Jobber job never sound like the original.
You can refoam them with good results or upgrade to newer speakers. I upgraded to believe it or not a pair of $3,400.00 Usher speakers which were more musical in every way, not quite as transparant, but oh so much more enjoyable.