What to do with old Sterophile/Absolute Sound Mags

I have like 15 years of Stereophile and Absolute Sound Magazines. Does anyone know what can be done with all of these old mags? I guess I can take them to my recycling site.
Offer them for sale here on Audiogon, for the price of the ad + shipping.
donate them to your local libray.
You can donate them to a library, school, YMCA or other organization that uses reading materials, or holds book sales to raise money. This may be a tax deduction.

They sell really well on eBay. List them a year at a time.
I like to keep them for reference information and they make great diffusers for my back wall. I have over 25 years of TAS, Sterophile alone. Since I can not always buy new to look up reviews of older equipment.
Enjoy the music.
I take my copies to my local gym and place them on the magazine rack for others to read.