What to do with my legacy CD collection?

I am about to dive head first into Hi-Res Digital Audio streaming.  My current situation is complex, though.

I have 6,000 cds in my collection.  I am beginning a project to rip my favorites ~ 2,000 cds, which are mostly special editions, rare and collectible, to FLAC files and play them on my Innuos Zenith mk3 server and Qutest Dac using an ipad and Innuos Sense app as my UI.  

The whole rig will be backed up to a  2 drive Synology Nas using RAID 1 plus an icloud back-up.  

I will keep these as many are Mofi Gold, DCC gold, SACDs, DVD-Audio Disks in 5.1 surround, HDCD encoded, etc., to occaisionally play them on my Oppo 105 universal player where they sound marvelous.

That leaves me with 4,000 CDs leftover.  Most of them can be Hi-Res streamed via Quobuz or Tidal, both of which are native to my Innuos server.

Some of these are in original jewel cases (about 1,500) that I will sort through and keep, sell (haha), donate or toss.  

The remaing 2,500 are in binders without artwork.  I really don't know what to do with this group: keep as back-ups or toss.  Any suggestions?

I would appreciate any opinions or feedback on my plan, so far.




I think that my suggestion was a bit obscure and definitely costly.  You haven’t posted your system under your profile, so this post might be unnecessary.  I’m suggesting that you use a very high quality streamer like an Aurender N-20 and better.  Also, a quality DAC.  This is what probably makes your streaming as good, or better than your player.  I can’t directly make this claim because my goal was to raise my streaming and CDs to the same level as my analog.  Early on, I decided that it was no longer necessary to spend $4-6K on a Cd transport.

Keep them if you rip them. Only sell those that you haven't ripped. If you do otherwise Lars from Metallica will be mad.