What to do with inherited vintage Revox gear.

Okay here' s my story, I was given three pieces of Revox equipment (A700,A720, and an A722) they seem to be  in very nice condition. My question,  keep or sell ?
" What to do with inherited vintage Revox gear."
Pack it up and send it to me ...  ;-)

I figure most people would donate them to a dairy, a chicken farm and/or a used RV dealership.


that's what I would probably do with them as well.

Hey DeKay if you have nothing constructive to say......

The A700 is a really fine recorder, but at their age often require servicing, which ain't cheap; if required, Revox parts are pretty expensive. Would you do much recording if you had an A700? If yes, it may be worth it to you. I had an A77 restored, and love and use it.
I have used Sony reel to reel in my youth but that was many moons ago. I live in the land of ice and snow (Alberta Canada) and finding a qualified service person will be difficult to say the least. I hate to part with them but......
"I hate to part with them but......"

Then pay for a real sales ad.

Is that "constructive" enough for you?
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Oh someone didn't get enough hugs when he was little. 
Put up an ad and sell them if you don't have access to a qualified tech.
Might want to go on tapeheads.net and see if anyone there can help you out.

Also, I am not in anyway affiliated  with this outfit nor have I used them, but according to its website they are in Surrey BC and appear to do repair work including reel to reel so might want to discuss with them 


hope these help

Seems the OP is luring for an "offsite sale" and I supect a scam.


@dekay ,

Maybe. He posted the same in September 2016 and apparently learned very little at the audiokarma board
Sorry didn't mean to offend. Equipment donated and gone.