What to do with dead equipment

Hi - I have a Balanced Audio Technologies VK-5i preamp that has been giving me problems.  Intermittent hum left channel.  I sent it to their repair service and it was re-tubed.  Problem continued.  They ghosted me.  Today upon powering up the preamp made a loud "pop" and blew the left channel of my Balanced Audio Technologies VK-500 amp.  It's not the fuse.  This stuff worked great for 25 years. But now I'm so done with money for repairs.  What do I do with this broken stuff?  I'm ready to find a metal recycler or just a land fill.......


Sell the amp “as is” and hope a DIY hobbyist picks it up and attempts to fix it.  

Too bad BAT won't take it as a partial trade for a new preamp. They built it so they should be able to fix it and resell it!

Sell it deeply discounted for “parts”. The market by individual buyers can be surprisingly broad and brisk. Good luck.

I think a lot of used stuff here for sale is repaired gear. I'm only speaking from experience with my Ayre CD and VTL TL2.5  which both had issues shortly after I bought used 

olyaudio, Try and trade in for newer model especially if you enjoy the BAT sound. I sold a old VK-3ix on Ebay for 70% new when I bought it so the used market is healthy and alive