What to do with an Absolute Sound set?

I've started cleaning out my old audio magazines. Have hundreds of them from the early 70s until present. I've managed to get the first 70 issues of TAS in order and have about 25-30 other various issues. Does anyone have an idea of what this collection is worth?

Sure wish I had kept my all of my old Equipment Directories from Audio. I've only managed to find about a dozen of them - some with hardback covers. Sure wish they still put that issue out.
My TAS collection begins in the 30's (issue number that is) and I'd love to buy the missing issues. I suspect that you would not want to break up the set though.

I have absolutely no idea what the value on the market is. I would be willing to pay $50 plus shipping if you have the complete set, in good condition, from number 1 to at least fill in the ones that I am missing. I am offering what it would be worth to me to pay, not my idea of the "market value". Let me know if you are interested.

No offense Art, but that's really not enough to spend the time to box 'em up and take 'em to the post office. I'll probably just keep the collection unless someone wants to spend a significant sum. Might advertise them somewhere on the internet.

You could probably advertise "wanted to buy" and find your missing issues.


Would you be willing to photocopy the reviews in TAS 33, 34, 35 (??) for the NOVA Electro Acoustic J-FET Control Preamplifier CPA-100 ????
I can't find those issues anywhere, but I recently bought the preamp and want to get some more info.
Gladly pay your price for photocopies,
Mike Morrison
why not try an auction?
I will take them if you dont want them? I will pay the shipping. there is not a huge market for that. You will sell one here one there you know what I mean. I will take them though. Dont throw them out.
Uncle Mike,

How about donating them to your library? This way many others in your town can enjoy them.

Enjoy the music,

Steven R. Rochlin