what to do with a 25 POUND subwoofer magnet-- broken intermezzo basket


Soooo...long story short. In a rare moment of bad decision making after some wine and music,   I was rotating the 12" -- 30 pound driver in my Infinity Intermezzo 4.1t towers, bombardiered it on the floor, and cracked the basket beyond repair. (please see pictures for the embarrassing carnage)


I am left with the 26 pound magnet. I hate to just throw it away. 

What should I do with it? Buy a new basket, spider, and cone? 
Hold it up to someone's pacemaker and see what happens?
Build a flux-capacitor?

The cone is the CMMD and unfortunately got a bit bent/distorted when removing.
6 Screw holes.

Thanks for the help as always!

infinity Intermezzo 4.t tower speaker subwoofer, infinity intermezzo 1.2s subwoofer

Got a lake, nearby?    Tie a rope to it and fish for ferrous metal scrap.
Make a giant magnetic isolation feet/stand?
I must be missing something? Why, pray tell, does one "...rotate the driver..."?
Why, pray tell, does one "...rotate the driver..."
because they sit in a vertical plane, once every year  or so is a good idea to rotate 180’ then 90’ next time and 180’ next, this stops woofer cone sagging one way which can lead to the coil just scraping slightly in the gap and wearing the very thin lacquer off then shorting out.
Kef B139’s were famous for it. I do my ACI SV12’s every year when I remember.

Cheers George
Woofer is toast.  Time to buy a new one.  Save the magnet, I find it good in the workshop for finding lost screws, etc. 
Go for the Flux Capacitor!
It's obvious the driver is shot. Unless you can re-purpose the magnet, it's days as a driver are, unfortunately over.
Start a hard driver erasure service. 
Subwoofers are for rappers. 
All very good suggestions.

The Clinton's might need my services.

Fishing for scrap could turn up some interesting stuff

I actually like the idea of  a giant magnetic isolation feet/stand.. that could be kind of cool..!!! Going to have to think of some creative ways to do that.

ACRESVERDE--Listen to George, great explanation. Rotating heavy woofers is highly recommended. As to how much longer or better that makes the drivers last is open to debate. A month, a year, 10 years.. who knows
Fishing for interesting stuff on the Clintons, could get you killed.  Better stick to spinning woofers!
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