What to do when you receive damage goods

What if any recourse does a buyer have if a seller refuses to file a claim or make good on his promise to reimburse ? This has now been going on for months. I purchased a D/A
converter which arrived damaged. The seller (bagels5-Michael
from Lets Make Music) has stated that it will take too much of his time to file the claim with FedEx. Then he promised
to refund the price of the repairs. This hasn't happened and
now he ignores my emails. What a person to do ?
Bob, I was the shipper on two occasions of items that arrived damaged. I had insured both times w/Fed Ex, and either shipper OR buyer can file a claim. If your seller is being so uncooperative, and unfair, file the claim yourself. All you need is the tracking no. of the package, and your invoice or receipt to show purchase cost, and an estimate of replacement or repair cost. You should also report this guy to Better Business Bureau in his home city if he is actually a dealer.
If you have his commitment in writing, then you have a claim. (Right, Kelly?)

If you purchased it through Audiogon, write them (service@audiogon.com) an email and see if they can help. They are not obligated, but they can be fairly convincing to folks.
If you paid by credit card or by some electronic payment service (like PayPal), they do have some recourse, but it's not fast (see the PayPal threads).
You could go to small claims, but it just depends on how much time that you want to spend.
Persistence usually pays off; it just depends on how much aggravation and stress you want in your life.
Or, maybe we could start sending emails, too?
I agree with Angela and Sc53, you can file with Fed Ex, the shipper or reciever can file a claim. I also think sending a e-mail to Audiogon would help. If it was advertised here, we need to try to keep the rift raft out. I had a similar thing happen to me a couple months ago, as a seller. I sold a cd player and forgot to put the transport screws in. Man, did I feel like an idiot. The buyer e-mailed me that the player skipped a lot and that the transport screws weren't in when he recieved it. What could I do? I offered to pay 100% repair, but he didn't want that, he just wanted to return it. I understood, and gave him a full refund, including shipping. Now I gotta pay to get the damn thing fixed. I was mostly mad at myself, how could I be so stupid? Oh well, if the seller doesn't have the descency to buck up then follow the above mentioned ideas and good luck.
I agree with angela100 give us his email and we will start emailing him. ( maybe if he sees more people involved he might own up to it) What did you buy and how much was it? Just curious. I would call fedex also. That isnt fair. Iwould fly down to his house to be honest with you I would be so angry. I would knock on his door with the unit.But that wouldnt get you anywhere Iam sure. Good luck if I can be of any help please let me know. Regards Daniel
Bagels5 is a member. And it appears that he is a dealer.

He has *Runco DTV991/VFC4400 CRT/Procesor* for sale at this time. Maybe that's who gave me the -2/-2 on my post above?

Bob, you need to email Audiogon. If what you say is the whole story, then they don’t need this type of dealer on their site.
I vote no to the formation of a cyber-audio lynch mob.

Chris, I was kidding. I can't speak for anyone else. Humor is a difficult thing here...
I know you were! So was I. I just wanted to write lynch mob cause I liked the way it sounded. Lynch mob.
Thanks for all your help and to answer Lev335's question: the item was a Theta Pro Gen V. The phone # given by the
seller goes to Lets Make Music (Pittsburg, PA) This has been
my first bad experence with a agon member. The good still far outweighs the bad. THANKS AGAIN Bob
Beware if you're shipping tube equipment sicne the fine print of FedEx/UPS disclaim any responsibility for "microwave tubes" and they normally widen the definition to cover all tubes. I bought a pair of Nagra VPA from this guy LUDUSX. Two of the tubes arrived with broken filament and FedEx simply declined to assume any responsibility and the seller doesn't want to hear from me. What's worse is that after I left a negative feedback against him, he did the same thing to me - by calling me a liar. To add insult to injury, Audiogon refuse to take the feedback away and declare that "Audiogon is not in any position to arbitrate." So this "liar" name is going to stick with me.

My conclusion, you're on your own if the seller is determined to screw you. Don't hold your breath on Audiogon to give you any help since they don't even want to hear from you.
Rdr your feedback looks pretty good anyways, so you probably won't have any problems (hopefully) because of that. Do appreciate the heads-up warning & thanks much for sharing. I'd do business with you anyday.
Thanks, Bundus. I regards my reputation highly - online or offline; therefore I took the negative comments seriously. On the other hand, the guy who screwed me never submitted another ad here the the GoN since he's got 3-4 negatives against him so he took his business to Audioweb and Audioshopper where they can reserve the right to take feedback.

IMHO, the audiogon feedback system cannot punish those bad apples even morally without hurting yourself.
Rdr: You've certainly raised an issue here that deserves airing. Transaction feedback can come back to haunt you if you've been unfortunate enough to have a bad experience, & then try to warn others about it by legitimately posting an objective comment. The offender many times will retaliate and then you end up looking bad for having dealt with them through no fault of your own.
On some sites you can then post an attachment "followup explanatory comment" to the neg. feedback, but not here. If you're lucky enough, then you can get the site operator to edit off the bad post from your reputataion, but I've found this to be hit or miss regarding whether Audiogon staff will help you or not. It's a bad situation because some buyers will automatically not deal with any seller showing neg. feedback (and regardless of the circumstances) which is not right, but that's their choice and it hurts both the legitimate seller & the otherwise prospective buyer.
Now if Audiogon wanted to address a legitimate issue HERE'S one that sure needs looking into, but no they're more worried about this siiiiiilly forum voting, which serves no one and absolutely aggravates many indeed.
Thanks, Bob, I tried to plead my case with Audiogon many times with fruitless result. Audiogon's position is simple - it is not an arbitrator of any disputes. Since the other party never 'explained' what happened on his end, as far as Audiogon is concerned, there was no case. Furthermore, since the offender obviously forgot to click on "negative" box, the feedback was actually shown as "neutral" despite the fact that he called me a liar. Therefore Audiogon decided not to take any action and thus would not remove the comments against me.