What to do? What to do?

I need to acquire speakers for my system (Acurus ACD-11, Aragon D2a2,Aragon 18k, kimber 4pr and pbj). I currently own a pair of BW 620 (free for helping my neighbor move). They've never wowed me with my rock music (which is about 50% of my collection) but I enjoyed listening to chamber and jazz on them. I'm a grad student and this will be my first real speaker purchase, so budget is an issue. What direction should I take in my search for some accurate speakers.
Sorry should say just about ALL electronics
if the diapasonn adamantes', adwertized here a while ago, are still awailable, stretch yer budget a couple hundred, & buy them. flat down to 40hz, very musical, holographic - they totally disappear, they're the most beautiful monitors out there, imho.
Look, I know it's easy to get caught up in the audiophile thing, but let me tell you if you want to listen to ROCK. Buy Cerwin Vega! Different strokes for differnt folks!They ROCK!!!!
Alon I and II (used for the IIs to stay in your price range) sound excellent with Acurus electronics, and I'd recommend you audition them. I took three of my non-audiophile but music loving friends to my dealer to hear various combinations of electronics and speakers and they all wound up with the Acurus DIA and Alon IIs. They sound good with all types of music. Good luck!