What to do, what to do.. oh God, what to do?

Now I have gotten your attention I need honest opinions.
I have two systems in my home; a HT system with a sealed sub (Sunfire HRS-15). I am in the final stages of a Music set up in a separate room, and saving for a sub dedicated to it. Based on great advice given on this forum, I have set my sights on a used Velodyne (DD-10 or DD-12) or a used JL Audio (f110 or f112), depending on what deals I see and can afford.

My question is:
Should I consider getting a ported sub dedicated for the HT and dedicate the Sunfire for music, or having two sealed subs is a good enough investment?
Sealed or not is irrelevant. Room acoustics are. Get a sub with an equalizer, then you can match it to you room.
Thank God for your good fortune at being in a position to have 2 great systems, then stop bugging him so he can concentrate on real problems ;0). That's what we're here for - the fun stuff!
Thanks. Advice taken and appreciated.

Years of sensible and frugal life will get you two systems, and then some, even if they are inexpensive by some people's means and not quality enough by others' taste.
Actually, sealed or ported is not irrelevant at all. Given the same size cabinet a ported box will allow lower cleaner louder bass; sealed will have better group delay and might be better suited for typical music.

I agree that having EQ somewhere in the system is a definite advantage, though having it only on the sub channel has limitations.

Unless your room is quite small, I would not consider anything less than a 12" driver.