What to do? What to do?

I need to acquire speakers for my system (Acurus ACD-11, Aragon D2a2,Aragon 18k, kimber 4pr and pbj). I currently own a pair of BW 620 (free for helping my neighbor move). They've never wowed me with my rock music (which is about 50% of my collection) but I enjoyed listening to chamber and jazz on them. I'm a grad student and this will be my first real speaker purchase, so budget is an issue. What direction should I take in my search for some accurate speakers.
You will no doubt get a plethera of choices from knowledgeable posters but it might help them narrow down the suggestions if you provide a desired price range.
I also failed to mention that my amp is an Acurus A150
My suggestion is to look for something that is relatively efficient ( 90+ db's), has an impedance that is nominally 8 ohms and leans towards the "warm" side of neutral. All of your electronics and speaker cables are on the bright / lean side of neutral in my opinion. I would HIGHLY recommend avoiding anything with a horn or metal dome tweeter as that might really compound the problem. These are only observations on my part, so PLEASE don't take them as insults to your gear. It's not meant that way at all. Sean >
For $1200 the B&W CDM-1NT. The current 600 S2 series is an improvement over what you have also.
For rock I recommend older Klipsch speakers. They are horns, but the old ones are not bright or harsh. They are incredibly efficient (LaScala's at 104db/watt). They are also incredibly dynamic, which is what you need for compressed rock recordings. What they don't do is image very well. They play very loud and tonally very accurate, but do roll off at the top and bottom ends. Their other downside is their size, so if that's an issue you might consider Klipsch Cornwalls.
By the way, these are not the greatest speakers for Jazz and Chamber. They aren't bad for Jazz, but for Chamber I don't really care for them.
check out biro technology L/1. absolutely the best bang for the buck in this price range and way above too. these speakers will wow you on both classical and rock. a real bargain for the price. TAS recommended too.
I suggest the Dynaudio Audience 60 speakers. They're floorstanders with a silk-dome tweeter. I've listened to them, and I think you'll be hard pressed to find anything better under $2000. They do everything *very* well (this is not to say they are a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none speaker). They are excellent in rock as well as orchestral as well as intimate jazz. They retail at $1199. Give them a listen. They may not look exotic, but the company only concerns itself with how well they reproduce music. djjp
Check out the Diva line by Swan.These may be the best value speakers today.My friend just got the 6.1 and they sound and look like they should cost over $2000.They go for $1299 They make a 5.1 which goes for $899 which may be all you need.Check them out at av123.com
I suggest Vanderstein 2CI's or whatever alphas currently follow the number 2. They are easy to drive, play very loudly with little or no distortion, have a great open soundstage, and are very good with all types of music. Best of all, the Vandys are around $1200.00 new and appear in this website for a fraction of the price often. If you buy them, make sure you buy SoundAnchor Stands for a couple hundred bucks more.
westlake audio, which is primarily a pro sound company, makes a fabulous pair of monitors that sell for $1200. i heard them at ces 2001 played through boulder gear and truly found them among the best 3 or 4 systems i heard. they do rock as well as anything i've ever heard at the <$2k pricepoint.
listen to paradigm reference studio line studio 60 $1200, studio 20 $600 to $800 i think. you can listen to the studio 40 but with stands they approach the cost of the 60's. i would move up to kimber 4vs ($3 per foot) for speaker cable and check out homegrown audio interconnects. they are copies of kimber silver streak ($300 meter) and kcag($440 meter) but cost under $100 and if you can solder you can get them in kit form. on the premade ones you have 30 days to test.
Vandersteen 2s do sound good with just about electronics but I'm not sure they really rock (I own them and now mostly listen to acoustic music). However, they might be a good match to your electronics if (as other posters say) they are a little bright, as they do tend to be a little laid back. They would sound great with jazz and chamber for sure.
Sorry should say just about ALL electronics
if the diapasonn adamantes', adwertized here a while ago, are still awailable, stretch yer budget a couple hundred, & buy them. flat down to 40hz, very musical, holographic - they totally disappear, they're the most beautiful monitors out there, imho.
Look, I know it's easy to get caught up in the audiophile thing, but let me tell you if you want to listen to ROCK. Buy Cerwin Vega! Different strokes for differnt folks!They ROCK!!!!
Alon I and II (used for the IIs to stay in your price range) sound excellent with Acurus electronics, and I'd recommend you audition them. I took three of my non-audiophile but music loving friends to my dealer to hear various combinations of electronics and speakers and they all wound up with the Acurus DIA and Alon IIs. They sound good with all types of music. Good luck!