What to do... US Postal Money order not received.

I've Priority mailed a US Postal Money Order for $610.00 to purchase audio equipment here on AudiogoN. It's been 13 days now and the Money Order has not yet been received ! I've told the seller that he could sell the equipment to someone else so he isn't held up. In the meantime, i'm both stuck without the equipment and embarrased about what has happened. Now, I have to wait 60 days to get my funds, provided the Postal Money Order has not been cashed! What can I do now? What could I do to avoid this from happening in the future? This has never happened to me before. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
This happened to me. Someone priority mailed me a check. It arrived 14 days later. Isn't the U.S. Post Office wonderful!!!

Just wait a few more days. In the future, avoid Priority Mail.
I use priority mail all the time, but I pay the 0.50 more for the delivery confirmation....gives you a tracking number to follow should it get delayed.
It could happen with any shipping company (UPS, USPS, Fedex, DHL, Airborne Express, etc.)

Next time make sure to get either USPS delivery confirmation or signature confirmation options. It only costs .50 cents or $1.25 and you will be able to track it down through the USPS Internet Web site or by calling their toll free number.

This option will not garantee the arrival of you letter or package but is a safe way to have an eye on it. Also it will make it simple when they trace it in the case you start a formal investigation.

In my personal experience I had never lost a money order send via USPS Priority mail, but I have had some delays a couple of times.

On the other side UPS (United Parcel Service) lost a certifierd for $3,000.00. Finally I got a replacement check from UPS, but it took eight (8) weeks and a lot of energy.

I hope this give some hope. Be patient !

Good Luck !

Frank P.
I have had priority mail take 14 days coast to coast. If you need to get it there fast, use overnight.
Someone sent me two pieces of mail at the same time Priority and it took 2 days for one to arrive and the second one 10 days. It was only going about 400 miles. Who knows how they got separated that badly?
Be patient.
Definitely use the delivey confirmation option. Cheap peace of mind. USPS really slows down if there is an incorrect zip code on the lable or they key it incorrectly when processing.
As far as I know, delivery confirmation only tells you that it was delivered, but does not allow point to point tracking for tracing purposes. You can use certified mail which requires that everyone who handles it sign for it (used to send cash, securities, etc.) or express mail for overnight service.
I agree with Swampwalker if the money you need to send is more than $300 the $12 for express overnight mail is very much worth it for peace of mind. If less than $300 certified mail for around $2 is a good choice also.
Another tip for sending a money order via USPS is include a dark piece of paper and sandwich the money order on it so it's not obvious what's inside.
USPS is a joke; we costantly get mail from other people in the neighborhood, and sometime from across town. We've filed a list of complaints that is now in a folder several inches thick.
The screw ups continue, as they do nothing to correct the problems.
The USPS is a feeble, pathetic, incompentent organization.
Most of the problems seem to arise when the regular postman is out, and they put in a sub. The sub makes mistakes, we report them. They still use the same idiotic subs, so mistakes continue.
Makes me very angy, there seems to be nothing we can do about this.

According to information given to me by a Postal Clerk, "Over night mail can take two days to arrive." Huh??? What the heck is that...a Polar night!
Fatparrot, it's a Postal Night. USPS is a goverment agency in drag.

Someone sent me a check via Priority and it took 3-4 times as long as regular service. I was frustrated, as was the buyer. I will never use it again.
I use them all the time, and it could very much be human error on the recieving of the letter, Priority or otherwise. I bought a Bryston 4B in CA(I am in Nashville)seller says he did not receive just to find it 3 weeks later in a Rolling Stone Magazine that his sister had picked up. And then all our handwritings are sooooooo legible. And we are given the wrong address, we transpose #'s and never know it, etc., etc. etc.. I find it amazing the Post Office does what it does for the money it does, and no I don't work for them, but I bet I spent at least $12k there last year with just 1 problem and they admitted it was their mistake. UPS nor FEDEX Ground (Air is still wonderful) do not provide anywhere near the service. I don't know who wrote it above, but odds are it will show up undeiliverable in the next couple of days.
Also I must admit, I have a GREAT Post Office, the Acklin Post Office in Nashville TN, the one that services Music Row. I don't know where I have encountered a better bunch of public servants.
You know for 3% pay-pal is not at all a bad way to go. I have used it many times and never had a problem. It takes about thirty seconds to send money. Just a suggestion
else can handle the amount of mail the USPS does? They actually have a pretty good track record. A lot of the service does depend on the local office as Jvia mentioned.

As for the most secure way to send something it is by Registered mail (sorry Swampwalker). Registered mail is sent in a locked bag that is signed for at every stop. I used it when sending a MO to Canada. The next best method is Express mail. Express mail gets "golden glove" treatment. They guarantee delivery the next day if you drop it off by a certain cutoff time. Also there are some locations that do not qualify for next day guarantee. You just have to check into it.

Now comes Priority. They try their best to hit the 2-3 day window but it is not guaranteed. I don't use them just because I work there, I use them because it works for me. I've sent/received over 100 items via Priority with not one single problem. I also pack extremely well as I've mentioned on other threads and that helps too. Here are some tips to insure timely delivery of priority mail and/or packages. Use the USPS Priority boxes/envelopes. They are free & you can order them for free by phone, web and even through the mail if you can't find what you're looking for at the local post office. If you use a regular box, use plenty of priority tape & stickers. My suggestion as to an address label is to print one using nice big block characters so that there will be no mistakes as to the address. I saw an express envelope today where the spelling was so bad (city) and the handwriting so poor, well, only because the clerk checking in the mail knew the area, he figured out where it was supposed to go. Yeah, the zip was wrong too. Anyway, make sure you put some clear packing tape over the address so it remains legible.

Just as everybody has a different take on what a good sounding system is, not to mention what music sounds good, there are just as many different experiences with the USPS. I read all the above posts-some good, some bad. That's the way it is with anything. Those of you who don't want to use USPS-don't use it. You don't have to. There are plenty of other ways to securely send money or items from one place to another. I'm not trying to convince anyone to use USPS. I'm just sharing some personal experiences & some information.

USPS does have an online money transfer program. I've never used it but it might be worth checking out.

My job with the USPS is a small one. I work for a contract carrier but I see enough at 5 different facilities to have a pretty good idea of what's involved. It's not just a big business, it's a HUGE business. Sometimes I'm just amazed that the mail gets delivered at all. Of course some of you are amazed when you get your mail but for different reasons than me. Also, I only have general information to share. With a problem like the one KP has, I could only offer a suggestion, which would be to have a conference with the head postmaster.

I really hope some of what I've said helps. Please be advised that what I've just said is my own opinion & in no way should be associated as an official source from the USPS.

I just went through the same experience in sending out postal money orders via priority mail. It really does put both you and the seller in awkward positions when the mail gets lost.

I would suggest two additional actions on your part:
(1) Although my seller was very understanding about the situation, for my peace of mind, I sent him copies of my money order receipts just to let him know I had attempted to pay him.
(2) File a lost money order form (I believe you need to wait 14 days after purchase) with the post office (cost is $2.75 per money order).

The post office responded to my lost money order form letters and after the sixty day wait they sent out my replacement money orders. I hope everything works out for you. Just look at it as a hiccup in life.
Thanks for all the wonderful responses. I'll update the story as soon as the Money Order is delivered, replaced or.....? cordially, Richard
I also just went through a similar experience. I sent a money order by USPS priority mail on 1-18-02. It arrived on 1-30-02. I will not send another letter sized item by USPS priority mail.
The Money Order was received in damaged condition,complete with an appology letter from the US Post Office) 26 days after it was mailed !! I've requested that the Money Order be mailed back to me since the item,with my agreement, was sold to another person. Thanks for all the wonderful responses. richard.....
Use Certified Mail, Registered, Return Receipt Requested - this creates a chain of custody and is virtually foolproof. I have also had good luck with making COD purchases, the equipment arrives and I pay the nice man in the brown uniform...
This is why I COD everything with Postal Money Orders. I get a real scream out of the person who ask that I send the money order first and after they receive it, they will send out the product. Right, I'm going to trust someone with pay first and receive later. I don't think so!

At times, when a person won't COD, I go the "Paypal" way.

Anyway, you've got a different problem. And, the only thing you can do is wait it out.

Sorry! :(