What to do next

I have several questions for anyone knowledgeable with the Monarchy Audio digital and MSB product lines.
First, are any of the monarchy products capable of converting a CDP RCA digital format output to an AES/EBU format? I recently purchased the MSB Nelson DAC and my current CDP only has RCA Digital and Toslink outputs, I have been told that balanced is better.
Second, has anyone used a Monarchy product to take advantage of the MSB AES/EBU input, and if so were the sonic benefits noticeable? My concern is one of putting redundant electronics in the path, as a rule of thumb this usually does not improve sound quality. If I were to do this which Monarchy model would be the best model for this purpose.
Third, if I were to do the above changes, would I be additionally benefiting from the MSB's ability to operate at 192khz up-sampling (I believe mine has this option installed) or does that require an upgrade of the CDP as well at which point the monarchy would not be needed at all? The user literature with the MSB is not very concise and raises more questions than it answers.
I can only answer part of your question. The Monarchy DIP will take a co-ax or toslink input and output an AES/EBU or a co-ax digital signal to your DAC. I find it helpful in my set-up (CAL CL-10 to Classe' DAC-1) I am using it as a "de-jitterer", since the CAL has all of the various digital outputs. Mine is not 24/96 or higher, but the CAL will only output a 20 bit/44.1 signal, so that's not an issue. Monarchy does make a 24/96 DIP, but I'm not sure if it goes higher than that.