What to do? I want a new amplifier to make my Dynaudio Contours to "sing"


The story so far ,,,,,,,,

Once upon a  time a man disregarded his partners advice & wanted to dive back into HiFi listening after a long period .. He wanted to purchase something speecial something better than before...  something that made the music more closer to like you were  there live....

something that when you listened it made the hairs on the back of you neck standup

He got some second hand Dynaudio contour 3.4 s  which he loved, but his partner thought he was a fool ...

He then purchased a Cambridge Audio CXN V2streamer/pre amp 

His old amplifier , brought out of retirrement  wasnt really up to it  ....   it died,

& after all the berating about purchaing these ""costly speakers"

& a new streamer /pre amplifier , she said "you're  not going spend more of our hard earned cash $ on this fool hardy exercise

He lameneted & purchased a second hand  budget amp Rotel RB 980... to continue the journey  and keep listening.

Part of her did enjoy the new music

This fool hardy man is looking to upgrade , i was thinking down the  Musical fidelity line

 A5 CR  or maybe A5 integrated second hand.. or a new M6 PRX

any advice/ direction/  from other travellers would be most welcomed 

Ive been told these are ineffecent speakers & need ++++ current 

second hand i am looking at a $2000 budget...

I sometimes get the urge to crank it a little loud but hey 

Regards & thanks

the fool




It's above your budget but maybe save for an Octave. I heard the line with both the Contours and Confidence and it's a stunning combination.

Great story, @tartara66. Congratulations on the new stereo. You should check out the Rotel RB-1582 MKII. It would make those Dyns come alive and sound great. Good luck with your search.




Moon by Simaudio pairs well with Dyaudio products. 

may be above the budget but worth a look. 240 or 340i


Dynaudio USA distributes the Octave line. Not sure where you’re located but I used  safeandsound in Chicopee MA. They have and sell demos at a reasonable price. The V40se is a great pairing. Either Aaron or Mike will surely guide you we’ll. I’m hoping to get either the contours or confidence series one day. Good Luck to you!


The LSA Warp 1 just got a rave review and it's under $1500

Are the connections soldered properly?

Check out Odyssey Audio. You can get a great amp within budget. One with the power you need. 

@amplifierdude who ever said they were not?

Crawl back into your hole. 


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Are the connections soldered properly?

Silver solder for the cerebellum.

There are two Perreaux amps available now on eBay. A 2150B and a 3000B. $1290 and $650. Both are equal to any of today's four-figure amps. They are rated at 300 and 200 wpc. I own a 2150B - 340/680/920wpc@8/4/2 ohms. I chose it over a big Mark Levinson amp.

Audio by Van Alstine makes some great amplified that I have used to power a couple of pairs of Dynaudio's - Excite 34s and Heritage Specials.  Even the SET120 amp was more than enough power with great bass control and finesse.  I also have the SET 400 and DVA 225 monoblocks.  I don't think you can beat the value these amps offer.

I'm using a McIntosh MA352 hybrid tube IA to power Dynaudio Contour 20s and two subwoofers.  200w of hybrid power will make them sing and be heard all the way back in Denmark.

I didn't think I needed the subs at first as the Contours have excellent bass response, but as per other posts recently at least two subs are a very good thing.  I'd also consider the Cronus Magnum integrated amp as an alternative to power the Dynaudios.

the Rotel A14,@ $1499.95 is one to look at.

Good hunting.



I have some AB International 400's or a 600 or 600a you can buy and will have all the clean power you need for less than $450 + shipping. Highly under rated industrial Amp's. (Made in USA) Jim

I own Dynaudio Heritage Special 2-way speakers and drive them with an Octave V80SE integrated and a super black box...match made in heaven. This combination is certainly above $2k, but you could get one of their other integrated models and they will do the trick too. I also liked Rouge Audio and Simaudio on audition for Dynaudio.  

Dynaudios need current and headroom. 

   You will need 250 - 300 WPC /RMS. 





 tons great used on Gon a d reverb (there is a great sunfire there) for a great price. 
nump before someone bere gets it

all the beadroom you need ,great bass,mids, treble. 
those sunfires are one of the best amps of the past 20 years. 

send to Flannerys anyway. Said checkd and some caps replaced my the chicago outfit.  Send to Flannery 

 a sunfire used is in tour range. 
if i didnt have one. For the price he wa ts i would not be telling you this info. 

The sunfire is gone. 
it was the signature 625x2


Tartara66 I have Dynaudio Evokes (I do HT as well) all around but when I listen I do 2 channel through my Evoke 50's. I am driving them with a Simaudio Titan HT200 5x200 amp. Pure magic is the only way to describe it. I recently sent my Titan amp to Simaudio for cleaning and calibration as it is getting up there in age. I was using a Monolith 5 channel amp in the meantime. Though the Danes are amazing and I love my Evoke 50's they seemed to lost some of their magic. It was only when I finally got the Simaudio back that the magic truly returned. It was then that I realized what a difference an amp can make. It was nothing short of astonishing! Simaudio and Dynaudio were truly meant for each other.


Back in the day I also used Rotel RMB1095 to drive Dynaudio Audience and that was also a great marriage. 


Danes do love juice and the more/cleaner power you give them you will get rewarded. Their too good of a speaker not to have top end juice driving them. I saw someone recommend Safe and Sound. Aaron or Dave especially. These guys are the best! That's where I got my Evokes and they also carry Simaudio. 


Good luck and trust me get the Danes some good clean power and you will be left breathless!

Van Alstine. Right in your budget, you get watts, good sound, quality and value. The website has used items also.