What to do for the rear?

I have had multiple "salesmen" give me different advice for a good rear set-up. I have Klipsh in walls right now but they really don't match my front three (all genesis). I was thinking about dipole , then someone told me that they are ment for the rear sides. Then I was considering an electrostatis (ML scenarios). Does anyone have any suggestions or good info for me?
Thiel Power points, mounted above the seating possition (is next to impossible to go wrong with ($2600 a pair though!?) or Aerial Accoustics rears ($2800/pr) mounted on the ceiling above your head!...
Semwin1, In wall speakers have a problem with interaction of the wall. It generally get worse the higher the volume. Going anyway from this design usually improves the sound. As far as direct, dipole, bipole, etc..., I would suggest you A/B between them and see which you like better. I think that depends on your tastes. The above suggestions are great speakers, but I would suggest you match your front speakers (most make a voice matched rear). I swore I would never go away from 2 channel stereo, but after listening to multi-channel stereo, I trashed my cheaper rears and bought the match for the fronts(I use Hales Design). It sounds great, not that I still don't listen in 2 channel mode at different times. Happy listening.....LR