what to do by a rotel amp or a mcintosh mht 200

i have an integra 9.1 sounds good but have a chance to buy a mcintosh mht 200 i want higher or better sound but have never heard rotel amp before but was told it was good' should i buy the rotel rmb 1095 and get the 200 watts pr.channel or go for the higher end sound with out all the wattage? i have B&W 703 & htm7 center no rear speakers yet I'LL (5.1) but will go with B&W's when i do i guess my ?? is will the mcintosh drive these speakers with better sound because it's higher end? i like the idea of the mc.or will the rotel 1095 just make it louder i don't know much about all this the man at the store says's the mcintosh will blow me away the difference in the quality of the sound that the amp.wont sound as good the mcintosh and he sells both what do yall think i want quality sound but is there that much difference between the integra 9.1 and rotel amp or dose the mcintosh sound that much better i know to listen my self but would like yall's opinion thanks manfred7
Demo them at home in your own system and decide for yourself. Although I'd be very surprised if you didn't opt for keeping the McIntosh.
I would say (bias opinion here, long time Mcintosh owner) that you would much better off to go Mcintosh. Here are the reasons I can offer 1)better build quality 2)better sound thatn you would get by adding just about any amp behind the Integra 9.1, don't take this as an insult to the Integra as it is fine unit. But the Mcintosh is a full step forward as the pricing indicates. 3)better resale. 4)
Mcintosh amplifier sections are rated very conservative and that they actually can produce more/cleaner power on demands of some passages movie/music without comprimising distortion. 5)longer life of internal componentry, e.g. mcintosh uses all electromagnetic switching which impervious to contamination as they are glass enclosed switch contacts and are activated via magnetic field. 6) it sounds like it would simplify your system.
I am sure that I have sparked some that will criticize all that I have said here as there is as with everything a lot ot of Anti-McIntosh folks out there but, I ask that they keep in mind that this is based on personnal experience and/or opinion. If you havge any further questions use my e-mail and I would be happy to answer any questions.